“Positive self talk” to get my lazy bum outta bed!

Monday mornings are rough!  It’s cold.  I’m snuggled deep under warm, comfy covers.  Bisou is snoring happily and heavily next to me.  The alarm keeps buzzing every 9 minutes as I reach out from under the covers and repeatedly hit snooze.

“I’m only doing 5×800’s this morning, it won’t take me long, I can sleep a little longer.”  Turns into “well, maybe I’ll just run a few easy miles over my lunch break today and do my speed work tomorrow…”  Turns into “what is one more rest day?  I can rearrange my weekly schedule to compensate…”

For about 30 minutes, while I continuously hit snooze, this mental battle ensued.  Until, finally, reason took over and I started to break through the fog with “you know you’ll feel better if you just get this over with.”  “This is the best way to start your day.”  ” You know yourself too well to know that you will never go for a run over your lunch break.”  Ah, alas, I turned the alarm off (finally!) and threw back the covers and took in the chilled air.  By now, I was awake.  Although, I definitely dawdled around my house getting ready to go to the gym.  Yes, speed work on the treadmill it was going to have to be because I had now effectively slept too long to run to the track, get the workout in, and run back.  I was going to have to sub 200 recovery for 400 recovery and really knock down my warm up and cool down times.  Aw, shucks! 🙂

When I finally got to the gym, I started out slow to warm up for a half mile, then I picked it up for the first 800 at a 7:08 pace.  It felt ok!  Now, just 4 more.  I continued on, walking most of my 200 recovery time.  2 down, then 3.  Only 2 more!  Morning Joe on MSNBC was teasing that Rahm Emanuel was coming up, so I kept watching and running, hoping he would be next- like the very next guest!  Instead, they kept droning on and on about the debate last week.  Really, I’m over it.  And I’m bored.  Usually Morning Joe keeps me engaged and my mind off my workout, but the content this morning was so boring, we’ve heard all the commentary about the debate already- move on!  And hey, by now, with all my mental commentary going on, I had wrapped up my workout.  And, I did feel good!  So, my reasonable self, it turns out, does know best :).  I never would have made myself run this afternoon.  Speed work always starts my day off great.  And I do feel better knowing that not only is my speed workout done for the day, I also upped it from last week :).

Cheers to another week friends! 🙂


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