Battling the Blah’s

I have a bad case of the blah’s.  I am feeling especially unmotivated and just plain old tired!  In fact, I completely skipped my long run this weekend.  I had planned to run 8 miles with the See-Us Run Des Moines group and then finish up with 4-6 more miles with Bisou.

It was storming like crazy Saturday morning when the scheduled run with the kids was to take place, so that was cancelled.  As I crawled back into bed, my entire body felt like I had been slammed into with a semi-truck.  I just hurt and ached.  On top of that, I felt slightly nauseated.  I gladly cuddled up with Bisou and snuggled deep into the covers.  I wish I could say that I also enjoyed a blissful morning sleeping in, but as I said it was storming like crazy and I laid there for 2 hours watching the lightning brighten my room and the thunder-clap loud in pursuance.  Finally, I fell back asleep only to be woke up by my growling tummy a short while later.  I hauled myself out of bed for some breakfast and to feed Bisou.  And then, decided this day was over-rated and crawled back into bed.  I decided to listen to my friend who had told me the day before to stop pushing it and listen to my body.  I am pretty sure my body was telling me to chill out.  So, I did.  I moved eventually from the bed to the couch for an afternoon of football and reading cooking magazines. 🙂

This morning, I should have felt rejuvenated!  With 2 full, complete days of rest, my legs should have been rearing to go!  Instead, my first thought when the alarm went off at 10 till 5am, was that it was lucky I instruct spin this morning so I HAVE to haul myself out of bed!  I easily could have spent another day curled up in it.  Not to mention, I had another bout of whatever is ailing my tummy last night and spend the majority of it curled up in a ball on the couch, waiting for it to be 8pm, a somewhat reasonable hour to go to bed for the night…

I started out in class stiff and sore and tight.  I had a horrible attitude. I was contemplating skipping my speed work out that I needed to squeeze in after class.  Then, I started rolling the excuses around in my head and fighting back.  What is my DEAL??!!  Seriously, I need to get over it and get to it!  Florence and the Machine helped get my mind-set in the right direction with “shake it out.”  It’s hard to do anything with the devil on your back!  And I was needed to shake it out- done with my graceless heart.  I mucked up some energy to lead the class and lead them to believe I was having a great morning- I could definitely do the same to get my body through my speed drills.  I hopped on the treadmill after class, already warmed up and knocked out my first 800.  Heck, I only had 5 to do and I’d be outta there in 20 minutes!  The first one was hard, as it always is.  Thankfully, Morning Joe on MSNBC did not disappoint this morning and kept me enthralled and focused on the upcoming presidential debate rather than my 800’s.  Two down, three to go!  And pretty soon, I was down to only one!  I was definitely doing this.  And you know what?  That fake energy I mucked up on my way to the gym to instruct?  It was real energy I felt pulsing through my body as I drove away.  Once again, I’m glad I knocked it out.  Nothing gives me the same energy that I feel after a tough speed work out.  It’s euphoric!  And a great way to launch my battle against the blahs!

Now, my other battle is ongoing, sadly.  My visit to the GI specialist did nothing to provide answers, instead, more questions.  And more tests.  I’m looking at trying different prescriptions, undergoing an ultrasound to check out my gall bladder and abdomen, and another colonoscopy to check out my inerds nice and close :).  Fun stuff.  But, with more nights spent on the couch curled up with nausea and feeling so tired, all I can do is lie down, it’s time to figure this mess out.  Frankly, tummy, I’m through with you!


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