Poked and Prodded… and all before I could have my morning coffee!

This morning marked my scheduled ultrasound of my gall bladder and abdomen.  I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything since midnight last night and I woke up a little parched.  I considered using it as an excuse to text my friends and tell them I was skipping our run at Grays Lake, but after I took the weekend off and skipped my long run, I figured I better suck it up and get going this week.

Our run went great!  We had to slow ourselves down twice because we had the giddy-ups and found ourselves close to an 8:00 min/mile pace when this was supposed to be an easy run day.  As always, the company of Andrea C, Andrea J, and Marzia made the 4 miles fly by and put me in a great mood.  I tried my best to distract myself with stretching and checking emails before hopping in the shower to get ready for my appointment to take my mind off how thirsty and hungry I was!

As I sat in the waiting area of the Iowa Clinic Imaging Center, I felt a flutter of butterflies.  Afterall, I didn’t know what to expect.  I haven’t really experienced an ultrasound before.  I glanced around.  Did all the people in the waiting area and the receptionists assume I was an unwed single woman who was pregnant?  I sank down a little in my seat, feeling a little judged.  Then, my tummy started grumbling.  I was hungry!  I pulled out my phone and started reading work emails to distract my mind and (hopefully!) my tummy.

Finally, about 15 minutes past my appointment time, I was called back.  The Imaging Tech was so friendly and bubbly, it was contagious!  We started chatting right away.  She told me about her already busy morning as she smeared this ooey gooey gel all over my stomach.  She had gone to Kosama, already attended a meeting, and now was seeing patients.  I told her that I ran already and that I was starving, due to the instructions not to eat or drink anything.  Then, I asked her about her Kosama classes and she chatted away while she took pictures of these grey blobs on the screen.  Afterall, I have no clue what a gall bladder looks like.

Apparently though, it is located somewhere around your right rib cage.  I started noticing the pain shortly into it.  This chick was pressing down HARD!  And right into my rib cage!  Imagine someone sticking their fingers in between your ribs and then wiggling that finger around and around.  Yeah, sound pleasant?  How about having that experience before your morning coffee?  Thankfully, she moved the thingamabob that she was scanning the images with over my tummy.  But, then she pressed just as hard there.  And soon, had moved back over to my right rib area.  We continued chatting and I tried not to make a face.  I tried hard too because I am one of those people whose emotions are sprawled all over my face- I definitely do not play poker!  All of a sudden this weird, loud noise came out of the machine.  I thought maybe it was my tummy grumbling because I was so hungry!  So, I asked what that noise was and was told it was some pulmonary thing?  I really should have done a better job of listening and/or paying attention. 🙂  The Tech told me she was having a hard time capturing a good image of it and had me roll onto my side.  That didn’t work either, so I rolled back over and was told to hold my breath for a minute.  I started the countdown in my head and soon enough, I was given permission to breathe again.

It didn’t take long before it was over and I was given a towel to wipe away that ooey gooey gel.  Really, that stuff is pretty disgusting.  And it had gotten all over my shirt :(.  Ew!  As I sat up and waited for the go ahead to leave, I felt the ache in my side where my rib cage had been violated.  It’s still a little sore.  Maybe I’m just a big ol’ wimp.  But, there’s a chance I may form a bruise there :).  Ok, maybe now I am just being a wimp…

As I walked out of the exam room, the Tech called out and wished me good luck in figuring out what is wrong with me.  Ha!  Gotta love it!  Are medical professionals supposed to wish patients “luck”? But hey, with all this rigamaroll in trying to pinpoint what’s wrong, I’ll take that wish of good luck!



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