Quote of the Week

“Running is like celebrating your soul. There’s so much it can teach us in life.”

-Molly Barker, Founder of Girls on the Run

This quote strikes a chord with me this week for many reasons.  One, I am finally out of my “funk” and every run this week has felt like a celebration and a liberation.  Freeing me from the stress that bad news brings.  I just want to run to celebrate what God has blessed me with and to free myself from the heaviness that life can bog me down with.  Second, our Girls on the Run team practiced their 5k yesterday and they did an AMAZING job!  I am so proud of those girls!  Even the ones who seem to struggle or prefer to walk rather than run and hang back while the others zip on past, they were pushing themselves yesterday.  My co-coach and I turned the practice into a party with music and cowbells to cheer the girls on.  Who knew, all this time, all those girls needed was a little cowbell to get them motivated :).  The look on their faces as they completed lap after lap was so rewarding.  The smiles that swept broadly across their faces as they heard us calling their names and encouraging them to keep on going.  It was a truly priceless moment.  And Molly Barker has made this possible.  For the girls and for me.  I learn from them as much, if not more, than they learn from me.


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