Quote of the Week

“It’s a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do.”

-Alan Sillitoe, English Writer

This is just another perfect example of why running is such an important part of my life.  No matter what else is going on, I can hit the pavement and do what I want to do.  I can be alone with my thoughts and feelings and no one else can tell me what to do in that moment.  This is especially meaningful this week.  I woke up sick with some nasty stomach stuff going on Tuesday morning (I’ll spare you the details- you’ll thank me, believe me), so I went back to bed and forewent my speed drills and strength workout.  I was also fasting Tuesday- on a clear liquids only diet leading up to my colonoscopy on Wednesday.  In hindsight, probably a good day to skip a workout anyways… Tuesday night, after spending the day in the bathroom sick I had the pleasure of beginning my prep for the colonoscopy.  I’ll just say it made for a *very* long day and I was definitely crabby.  The procedure went fine yesterday.  I, apparently, was little miss chatty Cathy.  After I woke up, I vaguely remembered talking about something.  So, when the doctor came in to review everything with me I asked him if I was talking.  He smiled and said yes but that it was all mumbles.  Oh boy!  So, that’s embarrassing.  What in the world could I possibly have found so important that anesthesia didn’t knock out of my head? Or rather, what weird thoughts did the anesthesia put into my head that I thought I needed to share with the doctor and the nurse?  I had my mom come back into the recovery room, so she was there as I woke up.  I was telling her how before the procedure the nurse who was prepping me had trouble finding the vein in my right arm to get the IV in.  She poked the needle through the skin, lost the vein, and then dug around trying to find it.  She asked me repeatedly if she was hurting me.  It honestly didn’t feel that bad, so I said it was ok.  After a few minutes though, she said I was turning really pale and withdrew the needle.  Another nurse came in and put the IV into my left arm.  My mom just shook her head and said I know Nikki, this is the third time you’ve told me that story!  I sure hope I wasn’t loud!  That poor nurse, if she heard me tell my mom how she couldn’t find my vein THREE times, well, I would feel bad if I hurt her feelings.  What a weird morning- anesthesia definitely took me to a different place and I had a lot to say about it!  Too bad I can’t remember what I was talking about while I was “under”, I bet it would be a good story :).  With all that behind me, I hit the roads this morning with Bisou and met my neighbor for a 7 mile run.  And yes, it was a treat :).  And it knocked all the bad temper  I had stored up the past two days right out of me.


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