Welcome to Paradise!

After Seven- TEEN(!) hours of travel on Wednesday, my friend Masha and I FINALLY arrived in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.  We have had this little escape to paradise planned since January.  We checked into the airport early Wednesday morning for out 7am flight.  I had gotten 3 hours of sleep because I was up watching election results and writing my final report for my boss to give my presentation at the conference I’m missing this week, due to said vacation.  Check-in went seamlessly.  The flight attendant changed our seats so we could sit together and put us in an exit row for more leg room.  What a GREAT start to our vacation!  We were so excited!!  Then, as we sat on the runway waiting for pre-flight announcements, came the unfortunate news.  They were de-boarding us due to a leak somewhere in the mechanics of the plane and could not guarantee the plane would fly.  We all needed to find alternate flights.  Somehow, I scored the first spot in line to re-book our flights.  We stood there working with the flight attendant for 2 hours (yes, that’s not a typo, it took TWO HOURS to find an alternate flight for us).  Finally, we left with the unfortunate news that we could get to Miami Wednesday night and fly to Mexico Thursday morning.  Since we only have 4 days in Mexico, that was a huge downer :(.  We stayed positive through it all and agreed we would try to get on the last flight out of Miami to Mexico on standby.  Our new flight path took us to Chicago, where we had a layover.  While we waited, we checked with the airline on the status of the last flight to Mexico from Miami and she BOOKED us!  Printed our tickets, confirmed our seats, we were set to go and to arrive Wednesday night!  It took almost not getting there at all that day to make us grateful for an 8 hour delay in travel.  I was so happy, I could have cried as the flight attendant handed us our tickets in Chicago.  Vacation, here we come!

We were greeted by the travel service at the airport “Welcome to my country!”  And it is paradise, sigh… I am loving the sun, the palm trees, the fact that I never know what time it is, or what is going on for that matter (which, is not so out of the ordinary for me- ha!)  Yesterday, I did a leap of joy on a pier overlooking the Gulf because I’m so dang excited to be on v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n!

We’re here!!!! We’re FINALLY here! Leap of joy!

We’re here for 4 days and I knew packing that planning to run every day would be a stretch, so I settled for packing 3 running outfits.  With our late arrival Wednesday night, I slept in yesterday and “took the day off.”  Although, we did find an afternoon yoga class on the beach (how cool is THAT?!?) followed by about a mile walk along the beach (hello inner thigh muscles- THAT was a workout!).  I did get up and go for a short 3 mile run this morning.  It was hard, I admit to get myself out of the hotel room, but once I hit the pavement and took in my surroundings, I was (as always) glad I had laced up.  I ran back and forth to the entry gate and the hotel twice.  A little boring but each lap I noticed something different.  Palm trees, employees walking to the resort for their work day, tourists stopping to take pictures, tour busses pulling in to take other guests out on excursions.  Afterwards, we grabbed breakfast and headed to the beach for day 2 of soaking up the sun.  We went to the 10:30am yoga class- here’s a picture of us posing, and yes, I am fully aware that my form is a-w-f-u-l!

Yoga on the beach! (horrible form!)

Of course, yoga worked up some thirst, which was quenched with a VERY tasty Pina Colada- hey, I get to indulge a *little* on vacation- and since it’s vacation, it was totally calorie free! 🙂

“If you like Pina Colada’s…”

I’m looking forward to a fartlek run tomorrow on the same path I took this morning.  There are seriously something crazy like 10 speed bumps in a span of .65 miles, so I can sprint from one to the next for a fun game.  Then, hit the beach, tomorrow’s pilates class, and who knows?  Well, definitely more cocktails!

Riviera Maya
THIS is the life!





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