Speed Bump Fartleks

Well, my post yesterday declaring that this morning I would run fartleks kept me honest.  Since I declared it here, I HAD to get up and run :).  That… and I definitely over-indulged at dinner last night.  We ate at the Mexican restaurant at our resort and I have seriously been waiting ALL week for this.  Homemade tortilla chips.  Fresh guacamole, pico de gallo, and hot sauce.  Tortilla soup.  Tacos and fresh refried black beans.  I ate it all.  I was in a food coma and later I felt no guilt.  Not one drop.  It was so worth it!  Oh!  And, Masha insisted we have a tequila shot- they have infused tequila here and I tried the strawberry.  I say “tried” because I sipped it and only down half of the shot :).

Strawberry infused tequila shots! Ole!

Anyways, I digress… I got up this morning and started out on my fartleks.  I ran the same path I ran yesterday to and from the resort to the gate twice, using the first stretch to the gate as my warm-up.  Once I started heading back to the resort, I used the many MANY speed bumps as my distance guides.  I would run as fast as I could to the next, then slowly jog to the next and ramp up for the next stretch.  I felt great and was VERY pleasantly surprised to see I was hitting the low sixes (min/mile) during my speed work!  I was losing steam by the last leg and simmered down a bit, I am after all on vacation and it is VERY laborious to sit in the sun all day, I had to reserve some energy, you know. 😉

After the fabulous run, I met Masha for breakfast and we hit beach.  At 10:30, we headed to the yoga studio for our last (tear 😦 ) class on the beach.  Today was a mix of yoga and pilates and was a more advanced class than the previous 2 days.  It felt good and I felt it in my glutes.  Afterwards, we joined the party at the pool where they were making coconut drinks!  We were so excited!  We’ve been looking for a coconut drink since we arrived and were giddy girls for sure!

Haha! Dorky, I know 🙂 but fabulous, right?!?

We followed lunch with a snooze in the sun and our last walk along the beach.  Here is a snapshot of the view I’ve enjoyed the past 3 days.

the beach at the Ocean Maya, Riviera Maya, Mexico

I’m so sad to leave tomorrow.  At least 1 more day of fun in the sun would have been fabulous.  Alas, I’m not complaining!  This vacation was much-needed and VERY much enjoyed!




One thought on “Speed Bump Fartleks

  1. I know this is a very old post, but I’m headed to the Ocean Maya Royale next March for a week-long vacation. However, I’m also a runner, and was wondering what kind of distance you were able to run while at the resort. I guess the resort has a Jungle path too which I could do loops on. Thanks for any info.


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