“You Spin Me Right Round…”

That was the theme for my morning’s run.  After my neighbors and I cancelled plans last night to run due to expected windchills near 10 or 11 degrees, I dragged myself into the gym this morning.  The thought of hammering our 7 miles on the treadmill was not registering right with me, so I set off on the indoor track, thinking I’d run laps until I got bored and then jump onto the treadmill to finish up.  11 laps on the indoor track= 1 mile.  I started up my running playlist on my iPod Shuffle, which includes most of the teen bop sensations like Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Jesse J, One Direction, Pitbull, Rhiana, well, you get the point.

I started running and decided I needed an interactive, fun way to keep track of my laps.  As I started counting them down, I began to envision myself as part of the Mario Kart game on the Wii.  I pictured a buzzer and a green light going off to signal “GO” as I started a new lap.  Surprisingly, this worked!  I let my teenage sensations take my mind away as I silently sang along with the songs in my head and kept a mental picture of myself lapping on the Mario Kart track.

I noticed the trainers and some tough burly guys staring me down after I had run a solid 30 minutes, going round and round and round, no doubt questioning my sanity and wondering what the *heck* I was doing!  I didn’t care.  I just smiled as the buzzer dinged in my head as I completed a lap and kept on going.

I took it one lap at a time, 1 mile at a time.  I was enjoying my music and the solitude so much, I ended up completing all 7 miles on that track!  That’s right- 77 laps!  🙂

My motto lately seems to be to just take it 1 at a time.  Yesterday’s workout included 12 800 drills.  I opted for the treadmill again, due to the weather. If I said I wasn’t intimidated by the task of completing 12 800’s, I’d be lying.  I set out. I told myself to just take it 1 at a time and focus only on what I finished, not on what I had left.  Soon, I was number 8!  I thought, if I could just get to 10… then I reached 10!  And no way was I giving up now with only 2 to go!  I was astonished that I had it in me to get that done.  My legs were wobbly and very tired.  But I didn’t fall- win! 🙂  And I persevered, once again.


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