The only alternative… ?

What a crazy day we are having here right smack in the middle of the midwest!

We just got dumped on with nearly a foot of snow and now we have near 50 mph winds whipping it all around.  Roads are icy and the DOT is advising everyone to stay off the roads.  With that, most businesses and offices are closed today.  Snow day??  Nope!  Not for the one who works from home :(.  I guess this means I should be even more productive,right?? Because I can’t leave my house, I have all the time in the world to work away!  If only it were that easy… although, I am getting caught up on all the work tasks that I didn’t want to do and effectively kept on my “to do” list… until now.

So, as I mentioned, most businesses are closed today.  So, really, I shouldn’t have been as shocked or disappointed as I was when I saw this post earlier:

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 1.28.22 PM


Gym closed??!!  Knowing we had this storm on the way, I had masterly planned my day: wake up early to start work early to be done early to go to the gym when the roads were clear and RUN!

The alternative?? Well, Plan B would require running down these streets, full of slush, snow drifts, and ice:

street 2

street 1


Oh, and did I mention the wind?

The snow and the wind was enough to make Bisou turn around and run back inside when I opened the back door for her do her business this morning.



After I successfully shoved her out the door and into the snow, she scouted out the lowest part of a snow drift and quickly ran out and back in- she’s not dumb!

Bisou tracks:drifts


These are her paw prints in the snow.  The snow didn’t pile up quite so high next to the house and this is now her little “path” to the potty.  *Bonus- I didn’t have to venture out and shovel a path for her 🙂 !

So, what is she doing on her snow day??

Bisou better


The spoiled girl is all snuggled up in her new cozy cave bed from Doctors Foster and Smith.

So now, the question is… to run or not to run??!!??

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 11.32.35 AM


While, yes, I have the nagging knowledge that running in this weather will not, after all, kill me… looking at Bisou all snuggled up, really makes me long for a glass of red wine and my own comfy blanket!  Decisions decisions!  What’s a girl to do??


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