Quote of the Week

Even if you don’t feel confident, fake it. Time after time, I have seen a marginal runner act the role of confident competitor, and eventually become one.”

-Allan Lawrence, The Self-Coached Runner

This is *very* timely for me!  I am coming up to my taper weeks (this weekend is my last 20 miler before the P.F. Changs Rock n’ Roll Phoenix Marathon!)  I’ve put the time in.  I’ve put the work in. I’ve sweated this out.  Now, I need confidence.  Every time I line up for a race, it is with the thought that I don’t know if I can make my goal. I don’t know if my training will pay off.  I don’t think I’ll be able to keep pace for that long… that negative self-talk defeats me before the gun even goes off!  I truly believe this quote, that if I go out there and give positive self-talk all the way, I really can nail the race.  But it’s all in my head!  Another beauty of the marathon.  It comes down to mental strength and endurance more than physical.  And it keeps it different with each challenge and each race.


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