Ugh.  I’ve been hit with the crud.  Or, a version of the crud.  I woke up yesterday, sleepy, as can be expected at 4:45 am, however, the feeling didn’t subside when I got home from my run and by the time I had showered and gotten ready for the day, I felt like a semi had slammed into my body.  Not good.  I slept for a solid hour during my lunch break and only break in back to back meetings.  Thankfully, my 5:00pm meeting turned out to be a quick meeting and I was home, in my pj’s by 6:30 and in bed, asleep at 8:00.

I gave myself a few extra hours of sleep this morning, knowing I could get to the gym for my pace run this afternoon, figuring I needed the extra sleep.  I admit… I sat down to start work in my pj’s.  After working away for a few hours, it was time to start getting ready for the day and to meet my sister for our lunch date.  WHAM!  I was hit hard with waves of nausea.  My head was swimming, and I just felt lousy!  I called my sister, who was more than understanding and we rescheduled.  Then, I took my laptop to the couch, where I could lay down- the only position that kept me from feeling like I could yak at any moment :(.  Blerg.  Needless to say, I never did make it to the gym for my pace workout.  And yes, being an A-type runner, I emailed my trainer in a panic about that- it was his advice to stay home today, not mine…

A week out from my marathon.  This better get out of my system and FAST!  It could be any number of things: exhaustion from 18 weeks of training, a virus, or stress-induced GI issues surfacing again.  I put my money on a little bit of #1 and #3.  

So, I’m giving my body the TLC it is craving.  I am resting and spending my Friday night in bed :(.  And hoping that the nausea and pain in my gut will have subsided enough to get my “long” run of 8 miles knocked out tomorrow morning with my running group.  

Instead of signing off with a merry cheers (!), tonight, I’ll bid good-night in hopes of a blissful, tylenol pm induced sleep.


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