Looking for a new challenge?

I am!  This week, I have taken it easy and really, not done anything physical!  I instructed spin on Wednesday morning.  That afternoon I got a massage for my tired, achy muscles and was told that my lower back is extremely tight and that strenuous exercise was not advised while I “heal”.  Well, that was enough for me to post-pone my strength training session that night and to enjoy another morning of sleeping in yesterday morning.

This morning, I did a “Yoga for Runners” video at home that I found On Demand on my cable service.  It felt good to stretch out and I admit, it hurt!  But in that “hurts so good!” way :).  It was more challenging once Bisou realized I was on the floor.  To her, that means game time!  Trying to to hold poses like shoulder stands were a bit of a challenge with a dog lunging at you!

I came across this ab challenge on another blog and I’m all in!  I want those crazy sculpted abs that I hate other women for having.  So, there’s no better time to start, than now!  Here’s what you do:

Sign up for the Abs By April Challenge at Run Like a Girl Blog.  

  • Each week, there will be an Abs by April Challenge post on the Run Like a Grl Blog blog for an ab/core workout or exercise that will be the suggested weekly challenge.
  • During the week, share your workouts, progress, photos of you participating in the challenge, and any advice via the Run Like a Girl Facebook page or throughTwitter/Instagram using the hashtag #AbsByApril.
  • At the same time each week, take a photo of your abs to document progress.
  • ***I will also share each weeks challenge on my blog, for those of you who want to participate!***

Here is the Week 1 Challenge details:

Week 1 Challenge Details: This challenge is a daily one (although most won’t be): do at least one plank a day for the next week. Planks use significantly more muscles than a standard crunch, so many trainers are choosing these! Hold this plank for as long as you can, log the time, and compare your times throughout the week! This challenge includes any variation of a plank you choose. Here are some options:

Standard Forearm Plank
Standard Straight Arm Plank
Walking Plank
Plank with single leg lifts
Side Planks (both sides)
Side plank with hip dips
Side plank with oblique twists

The best site I’ve found demonstrating these is here

Since I just came across this challenge, I am behind on getting my daily planks in, but will make up for it this weekend and plunge forward with next week’s challenge!


4 thoughts on “Looking for a new challenge?

    1. I have Mediacom for my cable provider and we have SportSkool On Demand: http://www.sportskool.com/channels/yoga You can check this website to see if your carrier has it. I also got a book for Christmas “The Runners Guide to Yoga” by Sage Rountree… I have yet to open it, but I think it’ll be a good resource when you have sore muscles 🙂
      I’ve been wanting to try hot yoga!!


      1. Thanks for the link!
        I wish I had the ambition to start and finish an entire book! By the time my kid goes to bed, my eyes are far to heavy and all I want to do is sleep, not read!


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