Sick with Dread…

My loyal and favorite running buddy is spending at least 48 hours under observation and hooked up to an IV at the animal hospital.  She got into her prescription bottle of anti-inflammatory pain medication this afternoon and ate all 26 of the beef flavored pills inside in one sitting.

I was gone for 2 hours, rolling skating with my niece and her friend when Bisou apparently dug into what she thought were treats.  I am literally sick with dread.  26 pills is three times the toxic level for  a dog her size.  Meaning, without treatment, it’s a fatal amount.  As the vet at the hospital was explaining this, the tears just started streaming down.  I mean, dogs are invincible, right?  They get into all sorts of stuff they’re not supposed to eat and they survive. It’s what dogs do.  I never once thought one day she’d eat something that could be this bad for her!  Ugh!  When I first walked in the door and saw the evidence of what she had done, I was beyond mad at her.  I scolded her, called the vet, then rushed her in.  As the reality sank in after talking to the vet about what damage this could cause Bisou internally and the severity of what she is digesting, that anger turned towards me.  How stupid was I to leave that bottle on the kitchen counter.  Bisou loves to investigate anything and everything within reach.  In fact, the vet techs were laughing at her because after they gave her a shot to make her throw up and she was obviously feeling lousy, she was still sniffing all over the floor in case any treats or food could be found.  I’m such a bad, irresponsible parent!

So now, I’m up, wide awake after midnight.  My stomach is churning, I can literally hear it turning over and over.  My mind is racing, of course going over all of the worst case scenarios, because why would I waste time obsessing over anything positive at this hour.  I instruct spin class in about 5 hours.  It will be a welcomed activity to release some of this angst, if I am able to push through the sleepiness that is sure to set in at some point.  Maybe, I’ll be filling my water bottle with coffee tomorrow!

Happy 4th Birthday Bisou!!!
Here’s to a quick recovery!



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