Quote of the Week

There is no better way to experience a place than to run it. You get to experience the deep crevices of an area, the senses beyond the visual, something you would never do if you didn’t run.”

-Tawnya MacNeil, Runners World Challenger

This rings true for me. I think about it every time I travel. While, I do find myself intimidated and vulnerable hitting the streets of a new city, where there are many unknowns, it’s also empowering to get out there and experience new sights and sounds.

This week, I’m in Vegas for work.  After learning the conference hotel charges $20 per day to use the gym, I hit the streets early yesterday morning, alone, in the dark, after hotel staff assured me (repeatedly) that they wouldn’t send guests out on a path that was unsafe.  The Vegas strip is eerily calm and quiet at 5:30 am.  I expected a lot of drunks to be milling about, stumbling back to their hotels after a night of partying.  Maybe it’s because it’s early in the week and the partyers stay out late on the weekend… but at that time of the morning, the strip was quiet, but for the other runners enjoying the serenity of the morning with me.



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