Lazy Bones

I have just spent the week attending a conference for work in Vegas, which accounts for my lack of posts this week. For that, I apologize.

I started the week gung-ho! I got up at 5am to run the first day and headed to the gym. Once there, I was informed it would cost $20/day to use the facility. What!?!?!! I do not enjoy the treadmill that much to pay out off pocket to use one. After deliberating with staff, they sent me on my way outside, running routes in hand, to hit the strip alone in the dark. Staff assured me that they wouldn’t send hotel guests on a route that wasn’t safe and that at this hour, I would be greeted by other runners.

I felt pretty intimidated starting out. But as I got going, the lights lit up the strip like it was daytime and there were actually quite a few runners braving the streets as well. As I ran past the ginormous hotels like Caesars Palace, Paris, and the Flamingo, it felt like I was running through a night club with dance/ club music blaring all around. It was pretty fun! As I continued north on Las Vegas Blvd, the music waned and the lights were left glaring behind me. Once I past the Fashion Mall, I found myself completely alone, in the dark. With the exception of the guy running just slightly behind me. Still, I kept thinking that hotel staff assured me this was safe and I kelt going. I could see the Stratosphere up ahead- my turn around spot. I stopped short at a busy intersection, not wanting to cross and wait for the lights. The run back went faster and I welcomed the bright lights and loud music that enveloped me.

Ambitiously, I got up at 5am the next day too and hit the strip for the same route. The music blared Taylor Swift at every location (seriously! She must have a sweet deal for that to happen…) and it seemed darker past the lights and loudness of the main strip. There were more people out, locals and homeless, loitering by bus stops and camped on the sidewalks. I did not feel as fearless as I had the day before and pushed my pace to get back to my hotel. Later, I received a message from my cousin who lives in Vegas that is not the safest route and not to venture by the Stratosphere alone in the dark again.

I knew the next night would be a late night and had scheduled my “day off” for the next morning. That extra hour of sleep was not enough to fuel me as the 14 hour days ensued with dinner meetings ended around 11pm- midnight. I slept in Friday morning too with the good intention to get a run in that afternoon after the conference had wrapped up. As I sat in the last morning of meetings, I felt absolutely sick. No sleep for almost 2 weeks had caught up with me. I was done. I made the decision (which is one I rarely make) to chill out and listen to my body. Scratch running in the afternoon.

Now, I’m fortunate to have the marathon week of meetings behind me. My cousin’s husband picked me up after the conference and I am relaxing and enjoying their company before heading back to the cold Midwest. With the wind gusting so hard I could hear it lying in bed this morning, I slept in. Jokingly, my cousin, who has completed triathlons (a major feat in my opinion!) said its just simply too windy to run today. Enough said! Instead I curled up on the couch with a terrific cup of coffee. Ahhh, enjoying the weekends and slowing down every one in a while is just what I need this weekend.

Cheers to cheating on my training plan- less than one week in. And salut to not even feeling guilty about it :-).


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