It wasn’t pretty…

What’s that saying I love to quote… when it applies to other people??  Oh yeah, bad runs make you appreciate the good ones.

This morning was tough all around.  I had a hard time waking up.  I had a hard time pulling myself out of bed.  Because of those two factors, and after looking at the weather app on my phone which said it was in the 20’s and low wind, I decided to hit the road for my run instead of dragging myself to the gym.  It would, after all, let me sleep in an additional 30 minutes to make up for the drive time.

As I let Bisou outside before my run, I instantly knew the app on my phone was wrong.  WAY wrong!  It was cold!  And windy!  But too late to go to the gym, so I proceeded to bundle up and started out down the street.  The first half mile felt good.  I had high hopes for a good run, despite the “spinny” spells I’ve been experiencing this week due to fluid in both of my ears and another episode with my upset colon last night.  As I turned the corner to head down Grand Avenue, the wind hit me full force.  Immediately, the run started to deteriorate.  It was HARD!  My legs felt tight and my breathing was off.  I couldn’t get myself back in step.  But, knowing that I wasn’t physically hurt and most of the battle was mental, I kept going.  After 2 miles, I started feeling dizzy and began pulling down my face mask to spit up phlegm (I said it wasn’t a pretty run…).  I started questioning my decision to run outside with the congestion going on in my head and ears.  I started to think about stopping and seriously considered calling my parents from a gas station to come pick me up!  But, knowing that I would never forgive myself for wimping out, I kept on running.  At 3 miles, my breathing was labored.  I gave in and walked (gasp!!  a big no-no for me!!) for half a block.

As I started out again, I felt good!  For less than a quarter-mile.  Then, I started to feel dizzy and like this run was just taking way too much effort.  I began counting down the stop lights until I would be back home.  Each stop light was my new tiny goal to reach.  I was still pulling down my face mask very frequently to spit up phlegm and I’m sure I made several motorists look twice when I spit not once, but twice at the corner of a busy intersection while waiting for the red light to change.  At mile 4, I had a strong desire to vomit.  It was at that point, I decided to cut the run short.  Up until that point, I was determined to get the miles in and work through the misery.  The last 3/4 quarters of a mile ensued with loud burps under my face mask as I fought back that desire to vomit more than once.  Thankfully, I made it home without incident.

I’m not sure if it’s the congestion, fluid in my ears, or the colon episode last night that caused the nightmare during my run this morning.  Or maybe my body was just off.  Who knows?  I had an amazing run on Tuesday, on the treadmill none the less!  I got in 5 miles and increased my pace throughout for an average of 8:36 pace/mile.  For me, that’s a really good run!  And I finished feeling good!

I guess that’s part of the “beauty” of running.  Every day is a new challenge.  And yes, I did reflect back on Tuesday and truly appreciate what a fun run that was.

Depending on if the gym is open tomorrow (it closed early tonight due to a snow storm we’re currently having), I’ll tackle my pace run and meet my running girlfriends for my long run Saturday.  To quote Hal Higdon “We all have bad days and bad workouts, when running gets ugly, when split times seem slow, when you wonder why you started. It will pass.”


4 thoughts on “It wasn’t pretty…

  1. I had that congested ear thing last week too! It was awful. When you have to coach a basketball game in a loud gym with screaming 9 and 10 year olds it really gets to you. Anyway, you made it through the run. I feel a bit guilty for sleeping in and not joining you.


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