Body over Mind…

After my nightmare of a run on Thursday, I was bound and determined to get back at it yesterday and today and kill it!

Unfortunately, my body had a different idea for how I would spend the weekend.  Instead of waking up, ready to tackle my pace run yesterday morning, I sat up in bed and was hit with a spinning room and a dull thudding in my ears.  (and NO! I had not drunk any wine the night before 🙂 )I made my way slowly to the kitchen to make some coffee and grabbed my laptop along the way.  I fired it up and started working instead of going to the gym, with the intention of going to the gym for my run in a few hours, after the spins had calmed down.  They didn’t.  As the hours ticked by, the dizzyness and thudding in my ears got progressively worse.  On top of those symptoms, I was sick to my stomach.  I was hoping I would throw up, so that I would finally feel better. At 10:30, I emailed my boss that I was taking sick time the rest of the day and called my doctor to see if I should come back in.  The answer: ABSOLUTELY!  I crawled into bed and just laid there.  The dizzyness subsided when I closed my eyes, but the pain in my ears and the nausea persisted, not allowing me to sleep.  My mom picked me up for my doctor’s appointment because I was still experiencing the “spins” and couldn’t drive myself.  I had just been there Monday and was sent home with the diagnosis of congestion and fluid in my ears.  I lost 3 pounds in 4 days and the appointment lasted a total of 5 minutes.  I was sent home with prescriptions for an antibiotic and steroids and a strong suggestion to buy and use a neti pot.  I have resisted the neti pot for years.  Frankly, it freaks me out.  I mean, how can pouring fluid in one nostril only to have it come pouring out the other one possibly make you feel better??!!??  Disgusting!  Nonetheless, I bought one, you know, just in case…

Coincidentally an article entitled “Should You Run With a Cold?” popped up in an email from  The article was eerily similar to what I had experienced this week… it suggested taking 2 days off when you aren’t feeling well and waiting until you feel 85-90% well again to start your running routine.  If you don’t rest and let yourself fully recuperate, you’re only prolonging the illness…

“For example, if you got sick on a Sunday evening (after a long run that morning perhaps), then you could take off Monday and Tuesday from running. If you feel 85 to 90 percent well on Wednesday, then you can go for an easy run. You will likely feel even better on Thursday, which means that on Friday you can do a workout. 

But if you decide to run on Monday and Tuesday, you’ll likely still have your cold on Wednesday. If you run Wednesday, the chances that you’ll feel well on Thursday are slim. Fast forward to Friday and you likely won’t feel like working out. “

This was the exact scenario I had this week.  I was dizzy on Sunday, but knocked out my workouts Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday… and wham!  not able to do anything at all Friday and Saturday.  So, now, I’m learning the hard way, once again, the importance of listening to your body.  Sometimes, it is body over mind.  My mind feels fine.  It’s my body that doesn’t want to do anything.

This morning brought little reprieve. I woke up coughing on phlegm. I got up and brought my breakfast to the couch and immediately went back to bed after I was done eating and slept until past noon.  I was hopeful this afternoon that I would be back to my training schedule tomorrow.  In fact, I was rescheduling the missed runs – I could get in my pace run tomorrow and add my long run on Monday, after I instruct spin class.  That would get me back on schedule.  But those hopes were squashed when my chest started to feel tight and a trip (with my mom driving me again) to the grocery store made me want to vomit.  Bad signs all around.  So, I guess tomorrow will be another rest day.

Sick of feeling spinny and tired and the thudding in my ears driving me nuts, I pulled out the neti pot tonight.  desperate times definitely call for desperate measures.  And yes, it was as disgusting as I had thought it would be.  The fluid not only ran out the other nostril, it also ran down my throat and felt like it was running into my ears.  I’m definitely not sold.  If, I feel better tomorrow, maybe I’ll try it again…

So tell me, how do you know when to rest or when to run through a cold?  When do you know when to listen to your body and stop pushing through the pain?  Clearly, I’m still learning.


2 thoughts on “Body over Mind…

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well. It’s always a tough call whether to exercise or not when you feel ill. I usually have to decided if I am too tired, don’t feel well or if I’m just lazy. I do think the hardest part is getting to the gym on a so-so day. Once I’m at the gym and changed, I base how I feel off of what I was able to accomplish.


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