Spin Monday and Weekly Ab Challenge

I’m back!  Or, at least, on my way back to a full recovery :).  Thank GOD!  This weekend was absolute horrid!  I was literally confined to my bed or couch since Friday, down with a nasty virus in my sinuses that left me nauseated, dizzy, and exhausted.

I pulled myself out of bed at 4:45 this morning to instruct spin class.  I had the full intention to take it easy on the bike.  However, I noticed that when my speed went down, so did everyone else’s.  Which resulted in me pushing it harder than I probably should have…

Any-hoo, I’m starting a new weekly blog post- Monday Spin!  I’ll share my weekly spin workout and I look to hear back from you on what your favorite spin workouts, tracks, and exercises include!  I’m always looking for new ideas to keep my class fresh and keep the participants engaged.

Here’s today’s workout- ladder intervals:

Warm Up

One minute : One minute up out of the saddle, hard cardio push, should have enough tension to run at, strong, One minute back in the saddle, breathing pulling the energy back in, relaxing the shoulders, breathing REPEAT
Two minutes: add tension, in the saddle, smooth, strong pedal strokes, Two minutes at the easy tension, (your flat road tension)
Three Minutes: Three minutes add tension, in the saddle, push, maintain for three minutes, then three minutes relaxed pace ( flat road )
Four Minutes : Four minutes, 2 minutes up hard, 2 minutes in the saddle with tension, still pushing Four minutes at a relaxed pace
One minute:  I did the first 1 minute intervals the same see above
Two minutes: I changed it to an increase in pace/cadence vs adding tension, so 2 minutes fast race pace, 2 minutes relaxed, REPEAT
Three minutes: Three minutes First minute standing at a fast pace, fast jogging, then next minute fast race pace in the saddle, last minute standing again, 3 minutes relaxed ride
Four minutes: First minute up running, second in the saddle race pace, third minute up running, fourth minute in the saddle race pace

Cool down & Stretches

And last but not least, here’s your updated Weekly Ab Challenge!  I’m disappointed that with being sick last week, I did not complete the challenge :(.  And, there’s only one more month to go until April, so time’s a ticking!  Here’s to a new week and a new challenge- Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 2.40.26 PM


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