I felt so FREE running outside today!  My mood has been a little dampened lately and the cold, windy, snowy weather was starting to gnaw at me.  As I ran, I realized there are so many things to celebrate! that I can’t possibly let myself get bogged down with the little things.

For starters, Bisou joined me on my run today!  First run post surgery!  Since she’s taken to tackling me whenever I’m on the floor attempting to complete my Weekly Ab Challenge workout, I figured she has some energy to burn off.  And, she was a happy runner- literally bouncing for the first half mile.

So happy together!
So happy together!

Second, I was running outside! The windchill was near 20 degrees, there was really no wind at all, and the snow had melted off the streets for a clear path.  I didn’t realize how “caged” I had felt by being forced to run on the treadmill.  I felt like the lightest person in the road as we ran up and down and around my neighborhood.  On top of that, I felt good!  Healthy good!

And as I looked around, I noticed, winter really isn’t so bad after all.  In fact, it’s actually pretty amazing.

Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland

I gained a new perspective on my run today.  And I left my “attitude” on the road.



7 thoughts on “Celebration

  1. Just found your blog! I used to be an avid runner in college and beyond and fell out of love when I had my son. Now I’m rekindling the romance and planning on running my first marathon ever. Some advice to help you with your training would be to contact the cross country coach of a nearby college. I know my coach in college even ran marathon training workshops.


    1. Thanks for the advice! Which marathon are you training for? Thanks for following my blog! I’m following you back and look forward to reading about your “rekindling” and training 🙂


      1. Marine Corps Marathon in Quantico/D.C. I’m actually doing this completely backwards. I’ve never run a 10k, or even half marathon as an organized event before. I’ve done some long runs (up 13 miles just for kicks before) but never in training. I’m secretly freaking out with each passing week. Training “officially” starts in April. Any advice you can pass along would be greatly appreciated as well! Good luck!


      2. That one is on my list of “to run” ! Fabulous 🙂 Don’t freak out- each week is a new milestone, celebrate your accomplishments and just enjoy the journey!


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