A Season of Celebration

This morning I headed out on my long run of 12 miles solo.  It was “misting” lightly and winds were gusting more than 10 mph.  I seriously contemplated going into the gym and running 6 miles on the indoor track and 6 miles on the dreadmill (coined phrase from my running buddy Marzia 🙂 ) In fact, I actually dressed to go to they gym and as I headed out the door got my wits about me. I mean, I’ve definitely run in worse conditions and Bisou was sitting there, looking at me pathetically sad that I was leaving her behind for yet another run.  So, after a quick change of clothes, I leashed up Bisou and we were off!

The first two miles were great, the wind was blocked by houses and trees and I was truly enjoying myself.  I had to make a potty stop a few blocks from home at the neighborhood gas station.  Thankfully, the worker dubbed Bisou as my “service” dog and let her sneak inside with me too. 🙂  While we were stopped, I noticed one of her paws bleeding a little and decided that was the end of the run for her.

After I dropped off Bisou, I headed out on one of my old favorite routes for another 10 miles.  I felt slight wind and thought (mistakenly) this was the worst of it and I’d have nothing but the wind on my back, pushing me forward, on the way home.  The rain continued to spit sporadically and my feet were wet from puddles that were deeper than I judged them to be.  Still, I was having fun!  The miles were ticking by!  I was losing myself in my thoughts, solving some of the world’s problems, some of mine, and just relishing in the run and not thinking at all.  My pace was all over the place.  At times I looked at my garmin and I’d be running an 8:22, the next time I looked, I was at 9:17.  I didn’t care. I was running what felt good in the moment.

At mile 9, I hit the strongest headwind.  I felt like I was doing the running man, stuck in one place, not moving forward.  And that was downhill! Still, I was having so much fun, enjoying the elements of the run, I was almost giddy with joy.  In fact, I did a little victory leap post run!


I know, I am such a dork!  🙂  Post run, I stretched, foam rolled, and hit the shower to get ready for church.  I was more than pleasantly surprised when the sermon was centered around one of my favorite verses- Hebrews 12:1 ” let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”  Only, the pastor presented the verse in a way I hadn’t thought of before.  He talked about the seasons of life.  The storms that we face.  The tough times that we go through.  If we endure those times and persevere, a time of celebration will follow.  And, we should take hold of those times and CELEBRATE!  I was amazed at how accurately this represents where I am in my life right now.  After my recent “epiphany,” if you will, I am in a season of celebration.  And, celebrate I will :).



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