Spin Monday!

I woke up to a fresh layer of snow this morning.  Blerg!  I am SO over winter by now.  I’m ready to run in the sun and enjoy some spring green!  🙂

I went out searching for some new ideas to incorporate into my spin class and decided to add some sets, repeating a 4 minute drill 3 times:

Warm up

Standing Climb; slowly add resistance; get blood into legs

1 minute jumps, 30 second rest, repeat

Flat Road, breathe, water

sprints, 30 seconds,  start at 30 seconds – 1 minute you are sprinting 1- 1:29 rest, 1:30 to 2:30, one minute race pace, 30 second rest

REPEAT- 2 songs

Hill add tension to near max standing; sit with resistance on, hands on hips, power through using legs for last 30 sec

Three- 4 minute sets, 1 minute up, 2 minutes in saddle, 1 minute of jumps repeat (three 4 min songs)

Cool Down

This weekend a friend and I had a GNO at the Social Canvas.  We painted and drank wine.  For a non-painter, the wine helped bring out the inner Picasso in me.  And Picasso it is, as I think this painting is most enjoyable from afar 🙂
paintingPainting the Eiffel Tower at night got me SO excited to run the streets of Paris!  The countdown begins= 13 months!!!! 🙂  Unfortunately, that also means I’m counting down the days till I hit my mid-30’s… I’ll focus on the positive 🙂

4 thoughts on “Spin Monday!

  1. Love it! I taught my class this morning…will try and post some wkouts this wk! Oh and me and the girls are planning to do that paint class in April! Never been so I am totally looking fwd to it 🙂


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