Spin Monday!

Just another manic Monday!  Whoa!

This Monday after Easter was a hard morning for me to drag myself out of bed!  In fact, I so deep in sleep when my alarm went off, I was actually angry at “whoever” set it for 4:45am!  My second thought, was “why in the world did I set my alarm to go off so dang early?”  Then, it all hit me= reality.  I had to get up and instruct spin class.  I have been in a fog all day, I never fully woke up throughout the workout this morning and coffee didn’t even trigger the response I so longed for.  I guess a week of insomnia caught up with me!

Nonetheless, this morning’s workout was a good one!  The goal= Trash their legs.  And it’s courtesy of my friend, Kate 🙂  Thanks Kate!

1) Warm up
2) 1 minute run out of the saddle.  Then, seated (don’t touch that resistance) 20 second pick ups with 20 second recovery.  The idea is to be on a medium hill – doing accelerations ups the hill, but not too steep or not too long.  Still warming up.
3) 12 minute (3 song) climb.  First song – seated climb, increasing resistance every 30 seconds.  Second song, standing climb, add some resistance, but accelerate on the chorus of the songs.  Third song – I had the class sit and climb at maximum resistance (pedaling through mud) for 1 minute.  Then dial back the resistance about 50% and add it back on to the end.
4) Recover – start on a nice flat road, get a drink, recover and then slowly pick up speed through the end of the song to race pace for 30 seconds.
5) Jumps – Hover – Isolate – I did 30 second jumps, 15 second hover (with 15 second recovery) and 15 second isolate (with 15 second recovery) and repeat.
6) 30 second sprint, 30 second recovery and repeat
7) Run out of the saddle 1 minute, then isolate 20 seconds on, 20 seconds recovery
8) Short, steep hill
9) Run out of the saddle for 30 seconds, isolate for 20 seconds, recover for 20 seconds, race pace for 90 seconds
10) Cool down
And for your enjoyment, since it sums up my day pretty well today… The Bangles 🙂

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