Foodie Friday!

Hello everyone!  It’s late, but I didn’t forget about Foodie Friday!  Tomorrow morning I have an 18 mile run, which means, I’ve been trying to bump up my carb intake this week.  Always in search of great tasting break alternatives to meet my gluten-free diet needs, I was so excited when a colleague told me about these easy to make coconut flour flatbreads!  And she wasn’t lying!  Easy- Peasy! 🙂

In a bowl, I mixed the following together:

2 large eggs
2 Tbsp coconut flour
1/8 tsp baking soda
1/8 tsp baking powder
2 pinches of sea salt
1/4 cup any kind of milk

Stir until there are no lumps. Let it sit for a minute (the batter will get a little fluffier). Melt a tablespoon or two of coconut oil or butter in the pan, and pour two small sandwich sized “pancakes” into your pan (on just under medium heat). It will only spread just a little bit. When the tops start to bubble just a little and the bottom is brown, flip them both over.  Kinda like making a pancake!



MMMM!  To die for!  I’ve also been craving a burger and it’s FINALLY nice enough to break out the grill again!  Let’s just say, I was in a bit of heaven with this meal this week 🙂



I served my burger with some mushrooms from the grill, a piece of daiya pepperjack cheese, and fresh tomatoes on top of the flat bread.  Asparagus was on sale this week, so I threw some on the grill for a nice green side.



This week I was also left with nearly a dozen hard-boiled eggs from Easter.



I found this amazing recipe on Runner’s World for a new twist on egg salad:

Immunity Booster

Velvety Greek yogurt gives egg salad a protein boost along with probiotic bacteria. A study published in 2011 in the Nutrition Journal found that athletes who take a daily probiotic supplement have a 50 percent decrease in symptoms of upper-respiratory-tract infections. Eggs are rich in muscle-friendly protein, vitamin D, vitamin B12, and selenium. Dried fruit adds natural sweetness along with an extra hit of antioxidants and carbs.
ASSEMBLE: Mix 1/4 cup Greek yogurt, 2 tablespoons golden raisins, 1 teaspoon Dijon, 2 sliced green onions, 1/2 teaspoon curry, and salt and pepper to taste. Mix 4 chopped, hard-boiled eggs with yogurt. Cut two whole-grain bagels in half. Divide mixture among 2 slices; top each with avocado, cilantro, and remaining bagel.

Now, I substituted So Delicious! Coconut milk greek yogurt and of course I didn’t spread this salad on a bagel.  I did enjoy a few sandwiches this week (helping me with my carb load 🙂 ) on the coconut flatbread I described above.  I have to admit, this version of egg salad was so tasty, I ate it up before I remembered to take a picture! 🙂

Now, this runner needs to head to bed… the 4:00am alarm is going to sound off all too quickly…


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