Spin Monday!

This morning I pushed it to the limits… I slept until 5:06… oops!  And was out the door in 10 minutes to get to the gym for spin class.  Thankfully, I had done my work ahead of time to prepare for class!   I led class to this workout, from a fellow blogger The Dancing Runner:

Warm up

Working up to level 8 resistance, double time it out of the saddle at chorus.

Rolling hills

Active recovery/jumps w/ light resistance

Keep resistance on, working all the way up a level 9 hill

Flat road then working back up to level 8. Accelerate at the chorus

Jumps working btwn level 6-8

Accelerations- 15 seconds on/15 seconds off. Level 7 resistance

Heaviest hill of the day…level 10/11 if you have it in you!

Active recovery

Team sprints

Cool Down

Now, when I asked my class to give me an 11 on that last hill, they all burst into big grins and shook their heads at me… like asking for 110% at 5:30am is crazy or something :)…

Cheers to a new week my friends!  It’s my birthday week!  I love absolutely everything about birthdays! And, I’ve officially started the countdown to the Paris Marathon 2014, which I’ve been planning to run for 4 years to celebrate my milestone birthday next year 🙂  I mean, the fact that the Paris Marathon is held around my birthday every year, well, it’s clearly a sign that I was meant to run it!  After living in southern France about 10 years ago, I’ve been dying to go back! I can’t wait!!!


6 thoughts on “Spin Monday!

  1. My friend did Paris yesterday, I’m doing London in 2 weeks. She loved Paris, the sights, atmosphere and of course the food & wine.
    Enjoy the training and the race when it comes around


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