Foodie Friday!

Helloooo!  Today is my dad’s birthday!  To celebrate, I decided to make his favorite pie- Raisin-Cream.  Now, I am *not* a pie baker :).  I have rarely attempted this and when I have, the results have been borderline disaster.  I can bake, don’t get me wrong! (my mom has said I have my grandma’s “gift”- too bad I just don’t have the sweet tooth to go along with it!) But pies, those are not my specialty!  So, it is with love, not necessarily skill, that I am tackling this birthday project!

My mom said that my dad loved his mom’s Raisin- Cream Pie.  So, I went out searching the web for an old-fashioned pie recipe and came across a great midwestern one on Iowa Farmer Today.  I mean, how could I resist, from a blog with a name like that?  🙂

Raisin-Cream Pie Recipe

Since I don’t have sugar, flour, or milk on hand because of my DF, GF, and generally healthy attempt at eating (:) ), I borrowed those ingredients from my mom.

I chose a pie crust that I had to roll out, hoping it would add to the old-fashioned flavor and flair of this recipe, but I’m sure one that is already rolled out and in a pie tin would work just fine.

I’m not sure that I “cooked” the filling long enough after adding the egg yolks.  I wasn’t quite sure what this meant. I watched the filling and when it started to thicken, I poured in the vanilla and raisins and put the filling in the pie crust to bake.  And bake.  And bake… see, this is why I don’t think I let it “cook” enough… it took double the amount of time in the oven.  Which, I nervously checked every 5 minutes past baking time that the recipe called for!  And, eventually, my mom (thank you!!! 😉 ) came over and checked the status of the baking pie for me.  I had only called her about four times at this point :).

She agreed that I didn’t cook the filling on the stove long enough.  We turned up the oven to 375 and let the pie bake longer.  Finally, after about an hour and a half, this was the finished result:

pie 1

I also skipped the meringue topping.  My grandma used to top her pie with real whip cream, so that’s what I did too… (1 cup heavy whipping cream + 1 Ts sugar & whip for 2 minutes = voila!)

pie 2

And it was worth all the effort!  My dad said it tasted like grandma used to make! Cheers to you dad! 🙂


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