Solidarity Run for Boston

This morning I took part in a 12 mile run in honor of those affected by the Boston Marathon.  I feel so proud to have been a part of this event in Des Moines, that attracted approximately a thousand runners from the Metro area.  I am so inspired by everyone that showed up, standing strong together, and showing our support in the aftermath of the bombings at the Boston Marathon.

I started my 12.25 mile run shortly after 6:00am with my neighbor, Lisa, and Bisou.  We had a great first leg of my long run.  Bisou was pulling behind, which is quite unusual for her, so we dropped her off at my house after 4 miles and ran another 2.3 before I hopped in the car and headed downtown to meet my other running buddies at Nolan Plaza, where the Solidarity Run was starting.

The sight that greeted me was overwhelming instantaneously.

solidarity 2


solidarity 4


A moment of silence was held to kick off the 6 mile run through downtown, which circled through some of my favorite running spots including the MLK bridge, Grey’s Lake, finishing with a clear view of the state capitol… and best of all, with these guys, my running buddies, who have become good friends to me through all the miles we’ve conquered together.

solidarity 3

We wore bibs in honor of the virtual race we ran today… and to remember what we were running in unity for.

solidarity 1


It makes me even more hungry to reach my goal.  To run this mecca race.  To run the streets of Boston.  Proud.  In unity with runners beside me.



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