New Shoes! = Fast Feet?

My new shoes came in the mail today thanks to the warp speed delivery of Road Runner Sports! 🙂

new shoesAren’t they pretty??  I am loving the new Mizuno’s Wave Rider 16.  I was wearing the Wave Rider 15 until these came out in November.  They are 3 ounces lighter and come in these crazy, bright colors!  The purple and orange is the newest color combo= love!

After the excitement of opening my new box of shoes, I spent some time with my local Walgreen’s pharmacist today.  I have a chest cough and congestion and a the Drake Relays Half Marathon is Sunday!  I need to get rid of this crud prompto!  After going over options and describing my insomnia on decongestants, she recommended a nasal spray and generic Robitussen DM.  I’ve also been drinking down ginger tea in hopes of nipping this in the bud.

ginger tea


So far, so good!  I’ve gotten several doses of the cough syrup in today and the coughing has subsided! 🙂  I’m optimistic all will be well come Sunday! 🙂



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