Spin Monday

Happy Monday!  I’m not sure if it’s the nicer weather or that the sun is coming up earlier… or both :), but I found it a lot easier to wake up to instruct the early spin class today!  Grateful for that and for a positive start to my day!

This week I focused on hill work.  It brought a nice change from the interval work I’ve been focusing on lately.

(every exercise is a new song)

Warm up

1st hill- increase resistance every 45 seconds (seated)

2nd hill- continue climbing, bringing out of the seat and maxing out resistance

3rd hill- release some resistance; sit with hard resistance and hold for 45 sec- 1 min; stand and continue increasing resistance every 30 sec

Run! Reduce resistance for a flat road (I made this interesting by picking up the pace during the chorus)

4th hill- gradual climb; then steep incline (heavy resistance) at end

5th hill- rolling hills!  Increase resistance on the up hill; decrease resistance and pick up pace for the downhill

Recovery song- nice easy spin on a flat road

6th hill- start with heavy resistance and hold; gradually add more resistance and max out (seated)

7th hill- Rolling hills- bring in speed work, sprint intervals for the downhill

Cool down


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