Drawing a line in the snow

This morning, I drew a line in the snow.  I have had it with Mother Nature messing with my running plans!  It’s May and I am tired of running indoors on the treadmill.  I woke up to a winter wonderland.  Really, it’s quite pretty, except for the fact that it is May 3rd!

So, I drew the line.  I bundled up, once again (!), and headed outside for an easy 6 mile run.  As I got ready, I made a decision to leave behind my trusted garmin and wing this run.  I needed peace and clarity. I didn’t want the buzzing of mile markers going off or my incessant need to check my pace.  I wanted to enjoy myself, despite the elements, and just run!  I read one of my favorite blogs last night Shut Up and Run and decided to take her advice and “not sweat the small stuff.”

It turns out, that running sans watch is completely freeing and FUN!  There was very little traffic and no one else was braving the heavy, wet snow.  It was me and Bisou.  I picked an out and back along EP True that I know the mile markers so I was sure to get my full 6 miles in.  The first mile took some pulling on Bisou’s leash to get her to come along.  She is more of a fair weather runner than I am- if that is even possible :).  By the time we started into our second mile though, she was galloping alongside with me.  I lost myself this morning in my thoughts.  I took time to look around and notice my surroundings.  I truly enjoyed every last second of the run.

I cannot say the same for poor Bisou 🙂  She is one dog that has a lot of expressions and post-run, she was clearly not happy.

Bisou coldAfter I padded her down with the towel and did my best to get her warmed up, she proceeded to give me the stink eye and shiver relentlessly.  Finally, the very spoiled girl curled up in her mammoth bed and hasn’t moved since!

bisou snuggleReally, I can’t say I blame her.  It’s May!  I’d like to curl up and put my head under the blankets until it warms up too!





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