Spin Monday

Good morning!  It’s going to be an absolutely GORGEOUS week!  Which, makes it all the more difficult to force myself to “rest” :(.  While I can report that I am making progress toward recovery since I strained my calf muscle, my lower leg and ankle are pretty swollen this morning, sore, and I am still not fully walking.

This morning, I perched myself up on the spin bike and barked out the drills, instead of actually participating and going through the workout with the class.  I used the music to set the pace and keep class going.  Thankfully, I had the timing down and people were still breaking a sweat.

Today’s workout was inspired by The Dancing Runner:

Warm up

Slowly increase resistance for 2 minutes, then 2 minutes out of the saddle double time

Jumps- out of the saddle & back over the seat

Rolling hills


Active recovery

BIG climb!  Near max in the saddle, then bring it up to finish out, continuing to climb

30 second sprints in the saddle

Easy spin for 1 1/2 minutes, add in jumps in and out of the saddle

Flat road/easy spin for 1 minute, slow and steady climb, don’t slow down!

Sprints in and out of the saddle

Cool down


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