Active Recovery

Hello!  Today I had my first physical therapy session and not all hope is lost at this point whether I will be able to run the Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon in 2 1/2 weeks.  Although, this beauty showed up out of no where last night:

bad ankle


Needless to say, my calm, cool, and collected self  was sure they’d have to do something extreme, like amputate my foot.  However, the PT assures me it’s from the severity of the strain in my calf, it didn’t bruise immediately and now a week later, the capillaries have dropped down to my ankle and foot.  While it looks pretty nasty, it doesn’t hurt one bit, thankfully!

I was originally scheduled for an injury screening this afternoon, but after I plead my case that I really (really!) want to run in 2 1/2 weeks, the PT suggested we go ahead and start treatment today.  She pressed and pushed my good foot every which way to assess what is “normal” movement.  I have to admit, it made my whole day when she asked if I was (in past tense) a dancer due to the amount of flexibility in my feet :).  Ahhh, memories!  And my first real sports injury associated with nailing the left splits during dance team tryouts 16 years ago… but I digress.  After then assessing my left, injured foot, she agreed with the doctor’s diagnosis that it’s a severe strain, no tear, rupture, or injury to my Achille’s.  Whew!

The form of treatment we’re starting is called ASTYM.  They use funny little tools to stimulate the tissues and promote healthy, overall healing and regrowth.

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 3.54.47 PM


She rubbed these tools all over my lower leg because with an injury, the body responds by trying to deposit new tissue, although, it doesn’t necessarily deposit it in the right spots, which can result in scar tissue and prevent proper healing.  The goal is to spread it out, prevent scar tissue from building, and speed up recovery (in the next two weeks, pretty please!).  Then, she started a series of stretches to get my tight calf muscle to loosen up a bit.  I admit, I was expecting some pain.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that nothing hurt, per se, but the muscle is definitely tight, tight, tight!  After the stretching, she had me stand up and distribute my weight equally on both legs.  AND, I did it!  This is HUGE progress, considering I couldn’t put any weight on my left leg/foot when I hobbled in to the PT office.  Next, she had me test out walking.  I can do it, albeit slowly.  Ok, it’s really more like a shuffle.  But, at least both feet are flat on the ground and I am not in pain!

The PT said ASTYM usually takes 24 hours to set in, so chances are, I’ll feel even better tomorrow!  I have “homework” aka stretches to do before my next appointment on Friday, and hopefully, by the end of this weekend, I’ll be walking better yet!  PLUS, it turns out that not really listening to the doctor’s orders about absolute rest, was actually the wisest decision afterall :).  I should be walking around and standing, as much as I can tolerate to keep blood flowing.  Upon hearing this, I then fully disclosed that my absolute rest has included 3 days of upper body and ab strength training.  AGAIN, a wise decision on my part :). And next week, I can possibly try a stationary bike.  Which, is a good thing because finding a sub for my 5:30am spin class is challenging!  No one else prefers the early shift like I do!

So, here’s to icing, stretching, and walking errr ummm shuffling, in hopes of a speedy recovery!


6 thoughts on “Active Recovery

    1. Thanks! I can actually put all my weight on my left leg and stand with my foot flat on the ground, which is remarkable progress since even yesterday morning!!! 🙂 Sounds like I’ll be able to at least get back on the bike next week!


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