Around the Block

With the help of my mom and the reassurance of knowing someone would be with me if my first outing was an epic fail, I got myself out for a walk around the block during my lunch hour.  My mom graciously took Bisou’s leash in hand and kept the anxious puppy in control.  I don’t know who was more excited to be outside and walking- Bisou or me?!? 🙂 We walked for a solid 20 minutes, although I have no idea how far we actually went.

I started out extremely tight and slow and my calf muscle loosened up as we kept going and I was able to pick up the pace more.  My mom suggested a reasonable route and when we got to the turning point, I begged to go further, to the next turning point.  She cautioned me not to overdo it, especially since this is literally the first day back on my feet.  We got about a block past where she had suggested we turn and I realized, she was right.  So, we turned around and headed back to get on the original, shorter route.

I felt absolutely no pain in my leg or foot.  And, the swelling in my foot has gone down considerably since yesterday too, although the monster of a bruise is still there.  It was such a pretty day to be outside.  The lilacs are in full bloom- one of my favorites as we always had a lilac tree growing up.  Since one of my absolute favorite things about summer is keeping a bouquet of fresh flowers in my house at all times, we stopped at the park and picked some lilac branches.  A nice pick me up now sits in my kitchen!  Thanks mom! 🙂



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