Foodie Friday!

Who else is thankful for a four-day work week?  I know I am!  Last weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting my bestie, Meagan, in Milwaukee and meeting her 4 month old baby!

Leona play

SUCH a cutie pie with those chubby cheeks!  AND Auntie Nikki picked out a great toy too (hint, she’s playing with it in the picture 😉 )  Some quality time with the bestie is always needed when I’m recovering from an injury.  In fact, her husband was quick to point out the last time I came for an extended weekend with shin splints that forced me to miss running the Milwaukee Summerfest Half Marathon.  Since I couldn’t run, we stayed out too late and made new friends. (we seriously have no idea who the guy is with the pig nose on)

012To this day, this picture cracks me up!  I have to say, this year, we were much more civilized…

Meags Me

Meagan called me after the visit and told me I should just always be injured when I come to visit because a little bit of enjoying adult beverages and staying up past the normal 9pm bedtime is just plain fun!  I laughed at this, but then seriously re-thought my plan to run the Milwaukee Marathon some year.  I think she just jinxed me from running any Milwaukee race .  I ALSO got plenty of baby time with this sweet girl over the weekend!  I may or may not have taken credit for her cuteness from strangers who stopped to oogle her when I held her.

Me Leona

Anyways, I digress!  On to the the food, right?!?  This week, I just needed a little something sweet, quick, and easy.  I am not a big sweets person.  I much rather prefer “nature’s candy” like raisins and dates to chocolate or sugar.  And, if I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m a little obsessive about nut butters.  YUM! 🙂  This recipe combines dates and almond butter and tastes like Christmas.


*6 Medjool Dates, pitted and cut in half

*2 Ts nut butter (I use homemade almond butter)

*Ground Cinnamon

Take the pitted and cut Medjool dates, fill with nut butter, sprinkle with cinnamon and voila!  You have a sweet and salty snack that is pure deliciousness!  AND when you’re not burning thousands of calories a day running (like me right now), these are completely guilt free!  BONUS!

datesThey don’t look like much, but they are TASTY! I’ve brought them to several “potluck” style gatherings and they’ve always been a hit.  Seriously, it’s a little bit of heaven and Christmas for your taste buds 🙂  Cheers!


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