Dreadmill Intervals, Kathy Griffin, & Spirit of the Marathon II(!)

Today I was able to run some speed intervals (yay!) on the dreadmill (boo!).  My run/walk went well over the weekend and I was able to do the “workout” both Saturday and Sunday.  I use “quotation” marks because it was not a workout.  I am not complaining. I was happy just to be outside and to be doing some semblance of running and I was especially grateful that the BF even took it slow and ran/walked with me.  (awwww 🙂 )

After the successful “runs” this weekend, my PT told me yesterday I can try 2 more runs before I see her again on Friday: a speed interval workout and an easy 5 mile run.  She didn’t give me any clear direction on the speed intervals except that I should just go out and do what I normally would do.  So, I set out with the goal of running 4x 800’s at a 7:10 pace.  I thought this was reasonable, given I’ve taken 3 weeks off from running at this point.  Unfortunately, right as I was heading out the door to run to the track this morning, it started down pouring :(.  So, I dragged myself to the gym.  I started out with a mile warm up and then picked up the pace for my first interval.  It felt fine!  I wasn’t even breathing hard!  Awesome!  After walking my 200 recovery, I sped up the pace again and towards the end, started to feel just a little bit of tightness settling in to my left calf muscle.  Not bad and I was able to walk it out before starting my 3rd interval.  Just over halfway through the 3rd, I noticed I was having to consciously think about landing my foot in my normal stride.  I wanted to roll to the outer edge and keep the impact off from my strained Soleus muscle.  Being OCD, I finished the 800 (you know, so I could complete a full 3).  Walking the 200 recovery still felt tight but as I picked it up to a jog for the rest of my cool down, the muscle loosened up.  I’m not gonna lie, the thought crossed my mind to pick it up and just finish the 4th interval at that point, but, trying to be smart and not injure myself further, I got off the dreadmill instead.

The time went fast and I felt great physically.  The cardio of running at a 7:10 pace was no problem at all, which really surprised me, given the time I’ve taken off.  Maybe that’s what a good rest will do for you!  Who knew?!?  I think another contributor was Kathy Griffin.  I have never watched her stand up before, but I was bored and flipping channels and stopped on Bravo to watch her for a bit.  It was funny!  I don’t know why, but I caught myself wanting to laugh out loud, which, would’ve been a little strange at the gym :).  Her take on being a strong, independent woman trying to date and her experiences turning 50 were especially funny!  Turns out Bravo is running her stand up all day because tonight premiere’s her new show Calm Down Gurrl.

In other super exciting news (!) Spirit of the Marathon II is premiering next week!  I am in love with the first documentary and honestly, I had no idea they were making a second!  I watch it the night before I run a marathon to get me fired up and really feel the accomplishment I am about to complete.  In my excitement, I hurriedly bought tickets for both my niece and I to go see it at the Jordan Creek Cinemark Theatre in West Des Moines… before I realized that I already have plans that night and it’s the one night that week I am not actually watching my niece.  Oops! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Dreadmill Intervals, Kathy Griffin, & Spirit of the Marathon II(!)

  1. It sounds like you are on the mend and getting back into things the smart way. I am so glad to hear the workouts are going well.


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