Foodie Friday!

Happy Friday!  I tried out a new recipe this week for Paella, adapted from Live for the Kitchen, Die for the Dining Room.  I have been wanting to try to create a paella for quite some now, but haven’t taken the time I thought it would require to prep and cook the dish.  This recipe caught my eye because it seemed so easy! Although, total cooking time (including prep) did take about an hour.

Because I did have a lot going on this week, I did brown the turkey sausage and sole ahead of time, so that I could just throw into the dish and heat up at the end, so that required me to modify the directions a little bit, but saved time and didn’t affect the taste. If I did it that way again, I would add the sole later since it’s such a thin filet- probably when I added the tomatoes and broth to the mix.

Ingredients to serve 4

2 cups Brown rice, cooked

1 Sweet Onion Finely diced

3 Cloves Garlic

1 Poblano Pepper Finely diced

1 Red pepper Finely diced

1/2 lb Ground Turkey Sausage

2 Sole filets (or other white fish)

4 cups Chicken Stock

10 Cherry or Grape Tomatoes Finely chopped

5 Tbsp Lemon Juice

Handful Fresh Parsley

2 Tsp Paprika

2 Tsp of Tumeric

1 lb Raw Prawns

1 lb Raw Bay Scallops

1 Whole Lemon Sliced into wedges to serve


Cook rice separately, as directed

Heat some Olive Oil in a paella pan or wide saute pan

Gently fry turkey sausage with the tumeric

Add the onion, garlic, poblano pepper and red pepper and fry for 5 minutes

paella start

Add the stock, tomatoes, paprika and chopped parsley stalks (save the leaves) and bring to a boil (at this point, I transferred all ingredients to a big pot)

Add the sole filets and boil with the rest of the ingredients

After 10 minutes, add the lemon juice and stir through to ensure it isn’t sticking to the bottom of the pan, cook for a further 10 minutes until almost all of the stock is absorbed and give a good stir (it will be the last time you stir so have a taste and alter anything if necessary now)

Add the cooked rice to the pan

Turn the heat down low and place the raw prawns and scallops on top of the rice and place a heavy lid to the pan.

paella shrimp

Allow the seafood to steam for 10-15 minutes (your prawns will turn very pink and the scallops will firm up)

Now, for the most important part of all: Serve at the table in the pan with a bottle of wine! 🙂

paella finish

And, because I felt a little bit bad for being crabby with the BF during yesterday morning’s run, I even packed him a to-go meal 🙂

paella to go


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