Quote of the Week

“Running, much like life, has its hills and valleys. On any given run, and particularly in most marathons, we come across easy stretches and seemingly impossible challenges. I have learned to just keep going. The tough moments never last, and the easy stretches are always a joy. The same is clearly true in life, if we just keep going we’ll get to that finish line with water, massages, and bananas!”

-Will Starr, Runner’s World Challenger of the Week

This quote is simply beautiful and captures why I love the marathon SO much!  While the race itself lasts only a few hours of your life, those few hours are a testament to how you will overcome the tough stretches throughout your life.  It’s empowering.  There is no other feeling I have ever experienced that can compare to how I feel each and every time I cross the finish line at a marathon.

Which reminds me!  Spirit of the Marathon II is in theatres tonight only!  I cannot wait!  I’m taking my niece and I’m so excited to share my love of running and this experience with her!


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