DIY Race Medal Rack

I have a new love for antiques and “junk” :).  I love finding unique pieces to decorate my home with OR refurbish for new purposes.  I have always loved craft time and refurbishing things is my new “craft” for lack of a better explanation!

I have started to accumulate a few race medals and bibs from half and full marathons.  My A-type personality likes to hold on to those type of things :).  But, I knew I didn’t want a general race medal holder.  So, while scouring the finds at Des Moines’s Junk Jubilee a few months ago with my sister, I got an idea to use an old rake head as a race medal rack. And, voila!  SO cute, functional, and unique!



Now, for a shameless plug: My sister happens to be the queen of refurbishing!  Check out her store on Etsy, The Ruby Studio… better yet, order some cool finds from her or submit a request for a custom-made piece 🙂  And, check out her book at Junk Jubilee in November 🙂


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