Easy as Pie

How do mantras come to you anyways?  This morning I tackled a speed workout at the track and as I was practicing my positive self-talk (aka being my own cheerleader with “you’re doing great!” “you’ve got this!” “one more lap to go and the first one was easy!”), “This is as easy as pie” popped into my head and resounded over and over as I circled the track.  Easy as PIE??  First off, I have never used this expression, so it literally popped into my head out of nowhere.  Second, I am not a pie baker and it most definitely is not something I would ever consider easy! And lastly, I don’t even like pie! (yes, weird, I know, but true!)

Freudian slip maybe?  If baking a pie isn’t something I think is easy and I don’t even like pie, then perhaps my mental state was trying to tell me that running my 800’s was not that enjoyable of an experience!  Nonetheless, the workout this morning was great and I nailed it! (hey, coming off an injury, I think I deserve some bragging rights 🙂 ) My goal pace for my 800’s was a 7:10/min pace and I admit, I was nervous when I met my neighbors this morning.  I haven’t done speed work at the track in well over a year.  The treadmill has become a comfort, knowing that it will propel me forward at whatever pace I plug in.  So, I had some doubts heading into the workout this morning whether I could hold the pace on my own.  We set out on a quick warmup and then started our watches and each ran our own drills.  I glanced at my watched and noticed I was pushing a 6:00/mile pace for the first loop, I needed to slow down!  I finished my first 800 at 6:38 pace average.  Yeah, I definitely needed to slow down so I could finish all 4 consistently. After a short rest, I started off again.  And again, I had the giddy ups, although I did pull myself back.  That’s when the mantra popped into my head.  I was halfway through with my drills and feeling great!  What was going on?!?  Round 2 was completed in a 6:47 average.  I slowed down a little bit, which is what I knew I needed to do.  Round 3.  Still “easy as pie.”  6:48 average.  1 more to go.  I wondered if I’d falter on the last 800.  It’s been my experience to finish the last drill of my speed workout slower than the first and one of my goals starting out this morning was to stay consistent, running all 4 at the same pace.  The final 800 was a bit harder than the first, my legs were more tired, but I was still feeling great and I pushed it on the final stretch to finish with a 6:48 pace.  All 4 were run consistent and roughly 30 seconds faster than my target pace.  And I felt good! 🙂

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it many more times to come, nothing starts the day off like a good run!  I was giddy when I got home, awake, and ready to tackle the marathon of conference calls and meetings that filled today’s calendar.  A good cup of coffee certainly helped :).  A good run coupled with coffee and I may just be able to rule the world… well, my world!


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