Given enough coffee (and a good run) I could rule the world…

As I said in Tuesday’s post, given enough coffee and a good run and I think I could rule the world.  Well, it turns out that just may be true! I just recently added a daily cup of coffee back to my mornings and I am in heaven!  Why in the world did I ever try to give this stuff up?  ESPECIALLY since there are so many good benefits that come along with drinking it!  Who knew?!?

Runner’s World posted an article “8 Things Runners Should Know About Coffee” outlining the benefits of running and coffee.  Two of my most favorite things! Not only can it improve performance, it can also make you smarter! (well, ok, they actually say it can boost your brain, same thing, right?!?)  And it’s effective post-run too, so my daily cup mixed with some chocolate almond milk seems to be the perfect recovery drink after all :). Cheers to happy mornings all around!


4 thoughts on “Given enough coffee (and a good run) I could rule the world…

    1. I will have to try it before a run, I’ve always been scared of the effects on my stomach, but maybe just swishing it around my mouth will have some benefit, at least according to this article 🙂 I’ve always drank it post run.


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