Spin Monday

This week I decided I needed to step it up a few notches and burn some extra calories.  I’m not sure why I think an injury equates taking a break from my normal diet and limit on alcohol intake.  Mostly, the latter as I do a good job eating well… not able to enjoy gluten or dairy helps keep that in check ;). So, because of my lack of self-control, I made the entire class suffer with me:

Warm up

Run out of the saddle; increase resistance half way through

10-10-10 (10 sec sprint, 10 sec rest, 10 times)

Active recovery, seated run; increase pace after 1 min; increase resistance after 2 min and maintain pace

Climb; start seated and end standing with heavy resistance

Hold the resistance and add jumps alternating between standing and back over the seat

Tabata Drills (YES, you can do these on a bike)! 20 sec high intensity followed by 10 sec rest (for high intensity options lower resistance and pick up pace or increase to heavy resistance with moderate pace)

Active recovery; gradually pick up pace

Seated climb; add resistance every 30 sec

Run out of the saddle

75% song!  Last chance to burn calories here!

Cool down

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 11.58.32 AMYes, I know Hunter Hayes is a little bit of an odd ball on the playlist, but I do heart that song.  Plus, our fitness director always encourages us to throw in 1 country song to keep everyone happy… which is something I don’t practice as much as I should…


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