Today has been incredibly productive!  It started out right with an early speed workout at the track with my neighbor, Kelly.  While my 800’s weren’t quite as fast as they were last week, I was still under my previous goal time by  an average of 17 seconds, so I’ll take it!  And, I was even able to maintain negative splits on each one!  THAT is progress my friends :).  All that with a technology glitch too.  Ok, it really wasn’t as much of a technology glitch as it was user error.  I usually set the pace alert on my Garmin when I’m at the track to beep at me when I fall below my goal pace.  This morning, I set it at a pace I would like to maintain, about 20 seconds faster than my old goal.  When I finished the first 800 3 seconds slower than what I set the pace alert for, I started messing with the buttons to figure out what had happened.  I went into the training options and alert functions and the pace alert option had disappeared!  As I stood there messing around for far too long, dripping with sweat, my neighbor inquired whether I was all right or not… at that point, I just gave up and decided to do it the old-fashioned way- by feel.  I learned later, after I got home post-workout that I had somehow put my Garmin into bike mode, instead of running mode, so that changed the pace alert options.  Oops.

It was actually good for me.  I could definitely tell when I was falling behind my goal and when I needed to push myself faster.  It made me realize that depending on technology like a treadmill and pace alerts aren’t all that helpful at all.  And, in my quest to continuously improve, it would behoove of me to be old-fashioned and learn by feel.

For me, speed work is like a strong cup of coffee.  Or maybe crack.  I don’t really know since I’ve never taken crack, but I have a ton of energy post-workout.  And I added a cup of coffee to it this morning.  Since then, I have been knocking out projects left and right.  Things that were taking up space on my “task” list at work are starting to dwindle… including a big one that I’ve been putting off starting because, well, it just isn’t any fun at all!  I have just been sharper in general, brainstorming and participating on conference calls and creating more projects for me to add to that task list.  So, cheers to a winning day in general!

I tell you, I am loving this winning day… especially after I banged up my car on Sunday attempting to turn around.  Yeah.  I know.  NOT smart.  crash

Somehow, this beauty adds up to more than $1,000 in repairs.  My plan to begin saving for the Paris Marathon 2014 has been put on hold as a result.  Oh and for the record, the deck (yes, the deck) that I hit won.  Unscathed.  Touche.


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