Good for the Soul

Some runs are just good for the soul!


This morning I was greeted by a beautiful sunrise at Gray’s Lake Park when I met Andrea J. and Marzia at 5:30.  I haven’t seen my friends in a few weeks and it was great to meet them for a run before work!  From the start, we had the giddy-ups and had to keep telling each other to slow down.  We chatted non-stop about our summer travel- past and present- as all 3 of us will have traveled outside of the country this year.  As sore as my body has been this week, this week brought everything together and it felt great to run out the kinks with friends by my side.

The run was good for Bisou too, who has been curled up on her bed in my office ever since completing our 7 miles, snoring away!

bisouI’ve said it before, but nothing starts your day out and sets your mind straight like a good run first thing in the morning.  I never tire of the sunrise and the calm of the dawn hours.  Cheers!



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