Track Tuesday

It’s track Tuesday.  So, even though it’s sweltering hot outside with heat indices in the 100’s, the BF and I met this morning for a track workout.  Starting out on the first mile to the track, I was wondering how things would go.  The air was heavy and thick!  It felt like running through a sauna. By the time we reached the track, I was dripping with sweat.  Alas, the BF led me through some warm-ups and we lined up on the track to start the first of five 800’s.

Surprisingly, it didn’t feel bad. It was hot, I had already established that, but it didn’t feel nearly as awful as I anticipated.  My garmin showed that we were slower than goal pace, although the BF swore we were faster than what the garmin was showing.  We walked a 200 recovery and set out on #2.  I actually felt pretty good on this one.  And was disappointed when the garmin showed again we were slower than goal pace!  At this point, the BF questioned the accuracy of the garmin.  I did have to agree- it felt like we were faster than it was recording and when I glanced at it during our run, it was measuring faster than the average was displaying.  We concluded the humidity was messing with the satellite and agreed that we would look up the actual time splits post-run and next time on the track, just go by time, not average pace.

I have to pause here to vent for a moment.  When we got to the track, there were several others already on the track… walking.  And they were loving the inside lane.  As we came up behind them, running, the remained in place and made us navigate around them.  It felt a bit like the old Atari video game Frogger.  As if that wasn’t annoying enough (common courtesy to go to the outside lanes if you are slower…), as we finished the 3rd 800, some guy had brought his dog onto the track!  What!?! Of all the things I did not expect to see on a track, that would be in the top 10.  At first as we approached him and his dog, I was nervous about coming up behind them.  After all, I do not know how this dog acts and he wasn’t on a leash, so he could easily start chasing us!  The BF assured me he’s seen this dog in the neighborhood before and it was well-behaved, and he was right, we didn’t have any problems.  Phew! 🙂

By the 4th 800, I was feeling it.  I was tired.  My legs felt weaker and I was sucking air.  I commented that it was getting harder and silently cursed the fact that we had 1 more left.  As we set out on the final laps, my legs felt shaky.  I knew if the BF wasn’t by my side, I would’ve quit.  Which, makes it a really good thing he was there! 🙂  No way was I going to wimp out in front of him.  So, I told myself to get my head back into and try to keep pace with him.  As we started the last 400 around the track, he yelled to me “Last one- make it count!”  I wanted to kick him or curse him, but I didn’t have the energy to do either.  Instead, I followed.  And sucked in air.  Amazingly, as we got onto the last 100 stretch, I felt better and picked it up a bit, or at least, it felt to me like I picked up the pace a bit.

We finished the run and I was shocked when I looked up our splits:

1- 3:23 (6:46/mile), 2- 3:14 (6:28/mile), 3- 3:19 (6:38/mile), 4- 3:14 (6:28/mile), 5- 3:18 (6:36/mile).  I have never run splits like these! And it made complete sense why the 4th 800 felt so hard!  With the exception of the 1st one, every 800 was faster than my goal pace.  And I survived!  I hate to admit it… but it does prove the BF’s point that I haven’t pushed myself hard enough. I am not fully convinced I can pull this off every week, this could have been a total fluke- but it is certainly making me look forward to track work instead of dreading it.  Overall, I’d say my goal of bringing the fun back into my running is right on track. (pun intended 🙂 )


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