Branching out and loving it!

I’ve dedicated a month (or maybe two?) to lowering my weekly mileage and adding in more strength training.  My mindset in the past has been such that if I’m not running, I’m wasting my time.  Nothing paralleled how I felt after a run.  On top of that, I didn’t want to “bulk up.” So, this task I set out before me was daunting to take on.

Even though I’m still early into it, I have to say I am constantly surprising myself at how much I’m enjoying it!  I am learning how to strength train properly with the help of my brother and my BF.  Even though my initial reaction is to not listen to either of them, I do take it in and have been pushing myself harder with heavier weights and incorporated circuit training twice a week after I finish instructing spin.

I also joined a new yoga studio (well, new to me) and tried out hot yoga for the first time.  Usually, I am watching the clock during yoga class, waiting for it to end, bored out of my mind.  It’s something I knew I should do to stretch my tight muscles and increase stability, but it was not something I necessarily enjoyed.  And the thought of sweating before class even began, well, that just takes the whole experience down another notch.  At least, that was my thought before I tried it.  I left class feeling like I had a great workout!  The heat helped me stretch further than I had before and got me into a “zen” state of mind.  The hour flew by and I left class feeling exhilarated!  After that class, I couldn’t wait to get back to the studio and try more!  Next, I stopped in for a barre class.  Given my dance background, I admittedly was giddy going to this class.  I had high expectations.  And this class exceeded them!  Even though the temperature in the room maxed 100 degrees.  The instructor is also a runner and incorporated stretches that were great for my recovering calf muscles.  It incorporated balancing, yoga stretches, and weight intervals.  It was fast paced and before I knew it, class was over.  Amazing!  I absolutely loved it!

What’s more, I’m enjoying this attitude of “zen” running.  It’s how I started running.  Just setting out to run what felt good on any particular day rather than following a strict plan.  Determining day-to-day what I feel like and then going out and accomplishing it.  It’s been amazing for my body and soul.

To quote Orville Rogers, a 95-year-old runner who’s still kicking it (literally!) and breaking records, recently highlighted in Runner’s World:

“I think I have some of that built-in stubbornness, perseverance, whatever you want to call it. I’m going to finish the job I started. I made the decision to run, and it’s never given me any cause to regret it.”

I think I have some of that built into me too :).  I can only hope to have the drive and determination when I’m 95 to get out there every day and bask in what I love 🙂


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