Kansas City Getaway… Eating, Running… and a Proposal!!!

This weekend the BF wanted to get out of DSM and ride some roller coasters, so we headed to Kansas City after work on Friday.  Once we got to our hotel in the Power and Light District, the BF was awfully antsy to grab some dinner, so I pulled myself together after the drive and we headed to Tengo Sed Cantina. We both love mexican food and margaritas, so it was a perfect start to the weekend :).  After dinner, the BF suggested walking to a park by City Hall.  A romantic gesture , right? The weather was perfect and a walk sounded great after sitting most of the day.  After we reached the park, we walked around a cute little pond and fountain.  park

Can you guess what happened next?? He reached into his pocket and… gave me this fantastic card!


His intent (he told me later) was to throw me off… and admittedly it worked.  However, he did eventually follow it up with a PROPOSAL!!  We’re engaged!

We celebrated with some champagne (the fiancé had even brought some with him!)


happy couple

Made the announcement to our families… and celebrated some more!

bar louie

The next morning, we set out on a 5 mile run through downtown KC.  Holy hills! But, surprisingly, not bad after the celebratory evening before :).  After a tasty brunch at Succotash, we headed to Worlds of Fun to ride some coasters! We ended the day of festivities with the MOST tasty sushi I have EVER eaten at Drunken Fish.  If we had this restaurant in DSM, I would be there every week, I swear! It was another gorgeous night and we were lucky enough to enjoy it on the rooftop of the restaurant.

Our plan was to get a long’ish run in this weekend, so the fiancé, had planned ahead and printed off a map of the Great River Bike Trail that was easy to get to (by car) from our hotel.  Starting out, my hammies were screaming from the hills we ran the day before!  I was excited for a nice, zen run along the river after the run through downtown on Saturday. We followed the river for the 1st mile before running up 60 stairs and taking a turn towards downtown.  We continued to follow the signs for the bike trail, which continued to wind us back through downtown.  And continued to wind us up and up and up… it seemed like one never-ending hill.  It was not the zen run I was anticipating and I felt my crabby meter escalating. I didn’t want to slow down the fiancé, so I powered up the hills as fast as I could.  Finally, we just decided to head back towards the river and make up the extra miles on the trail we started at.  Once we had weaved our way back and down the 60 stairs, I found my happy place again as we settled in and enjoyed this gorgeous view of the river.

bike trail

Post run, I apologized for slowing the pace on the hills and the fiancé laughed because he was thinking about how he would have preferred to run them slower and wondered why I was killing it today!  It was an absolutely perfect end to an absolutely perfect weekend!

us bike trail


What more could this gal ask for?  Eat. Pray. Run!





8 thoughts on “Kansas City Getaway… Eating, Running… and a Proposal!!!

  1. Congratulations! What great news- Blessings to you! By the way, I love your blog and you have inspired me to begin running, slowly, but I’m getting there…. Congratulations, again! 🙂


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