Weekend Recap & Spin Monday

Whew!  I feel like I’ve been MIA recently.  I am definitely looking forward to a solid week at home to run familiar routes, run with friends, and be able to cook my own meals!

This weekend was the start to increasing mileage for training to run the Tucson Marathon in December.  Josh even joined my Saturday morning running crew and logged the miles with us.  It was great to see everyone again- it seems like everyone has taken some time off this summer and it’s been a while since I’ve some.  It turned out to be a “celebratory run” with a wedding, a new job, our engagement, and a kid’s birthday to dish about and get caught up on!  The weather was absolutely perfect- nice and cool with low humidity.  I ate some corn tortillas with almond butter and honey before starting out and I felt fresh and energized throughout the entire run!  We had a faster than normal start, in fact, I was checking my watch and on the verge of asking to slow down a few times, but it felt right in the moment, so I went with it!  We slowed down for a few miles after hitting the halfway mark, but ramped it up again and finished strong the last 2 miles.  That’s progress, my friends! 🙂

The rest of Saturday was spent making wedding plans!  With 4 months to go, we made some major decisions and enjoyed dinner at Django, followed by some wine at the Levee and a night-cap on Josh’s porch under the stars.  It was a quintessential perfect day!  Sunday, we went to my parents house in the afternoon for a champagne toast to celebrate post-engagement and share plans, followed by dinner at a friend’s house.

This morning, I was a bit foggy heading to spin class.  It was great to see the regulars trickle in and as soon as the music started, I snapped to life!  My legs felt like lead getting started and today it took a good 15 minutes to fully loosen up!  Starting today, I will be “faking” it on Monday mornings in order to get some miles in running after class… I’ll get to enjoy the full workout on Wednesdays :).  This morning, I recycled some old favs:

1. Warm up

2. 1 minute run out of the saddle; 30 second rest; repeat

3. Stay standing; add tension; begin climb

4. 1 minute seated race pace; 30 second rest; repeat

5. 1 minute run out of the saddle; 30 second rest; repeat

6. Stay standing; add tension; begin climb; sit at full tension

7. Seated recovery; flat road run

8. Seat climb

9. Seated race pace for entire song!

10. Standing flat road run

11. 1st position run 15 seconds; tunnel 15 seconds; repeat

12. Cool down


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