Marathoner in Training

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And so it goes for me!  I am “officially” now in the throes of my 3rd week of training for the Tucson Marathon.  I’m already exhausted.  I’ve been going to bed before 9:00pm all week.  I have been dying to take a nap in the middle of the work day (oh, who am I kidding, I want a nap before 10:00am!).  I am feeling creaky all over and have a spot in back that won’t stretch out no matter how many times I twist and turn.  This morning I finished my 7 mile run before the sun even came up.

And I’m loving it.  Despite the grogginess and creakiness, I feel great.  Physically, I feel better than I have in months.  I am pushing myself again.  And this time around, I’m incorporating new drills.  Tuesday, I ran hill repeats.  I have successfully avoided these workouts since I started running. I told myself that since I am only signing up for flat or downhill marathons, there is no need to run hills, right?!? Well, every “flat” race has ended up being hilly.  And, what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.  Not surprisingly, I was tempted to call off my workout on Tuesday.  I was groggy.  My throat had hurt a little bit on Monday, so maybe I was getting sick.  Luckily, I was meeting Josh, so that held me accountable and got me out of bed.  We tackled the Fuller Road hills by my house 5 times, pushing it as hard as I could each uphill.  I was pleasantly surprised by our splits, especially given that it was both of our first time running hills.  Just like getting out on the track, once I have a taste for what it feels like, it makes me want to get back out there and work at it harder!

I’m also planning to continue incorporating strength training into my plan.  And it’s been rough!  Mostly, due to the amount of travel I’ve had lately for work. It’s hard to get into a good routine when you’re away from home.  Today, I went to yoga on my lunch hour and it was just what this body needed.  In fact, it was what both my body and mind needed!  I used to dread the thought of going to yoga.  It would be boring. I wouldn’t get a good workout.  It was just a waste of time.  I’ve finally come to truly appreciate how it works your muscles and the good it does for you, especially as a runner!  I was surprised by the strength I’ve gained over the last 2 months and by the flexibility I had, given my creaky state.  And that spot in my back? It’s gone :). And tomorrow, I will be enjoying a much deserved rest day before tackling a 5K Saturday morning with Josh and our 14 mile run bright and early on Sunday.  Cheers!



4 thoughts on “Marathoner in Training

  1. Nice work! Adding those hills and accelling on the speed is only going to give you confidence that you can meet your goals come race day! The runner’s most important organ is the brain- the source of our dreams, drive, and determination!


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