Tails from the Trails

When I started this blog, it was to share some of the funny mishaps that happen during my runs that no one is around to witness :).  After all, I think there is beauty and art in the ability to laugh at yourself and not take yourself too seriously all the time.  Here are a few funnies that have occurred the past several weeks that I haven’t blogged about…

Over Labor Day weekend, Josh and I visited his parents in Lexington, NE. Josh had warned me that he doesn’t particularly like to run around the small town because of the numerous small dogs that run wild, unleashed and bark and nip at your ankles (damn ankle biters!).  It didn’t take more than a mile for me to understand what he meant.  We kept on running with our two dogs and I had just commented on how cute this one neighborhood we had run into was, with it’s older, quaint homes.  All of a sudden, we notice 2 police cars in front of one of the houses.  A police officer was standing on the front porch, a dog was sniffing around the yard, and a 2nd police officer was crossing the street, approaching the house.  The dog took off at warp speed towards us.  I tugged Bisou’s leash in so she was close to me.  Josh and his dog, Kate, were closer the dog was heading straight for them.  All of the sudden, the police officer approaching the house yelled at the dog and grabbed something from his holster.  I thought he was grabbing his gun!  I screamed silently in my head and literally jumped off the ground, tugging at Bisou to go faster, not believing what I was seeing!  Josh and Kate were right there!!  The police officer yelled once more at the dog and it wimpered and cowered away.  Turns out, the officer didn’t pull a gun, but a taser.  We had a really good laugh about that one afterwards 🙂 and made sure we took a different street for the route back to his parents house…

2 weeks ago my training schedule was off kilter so that I could attend my grandma’s funeral on Saturday.  I decided to run my long run of 16 miles on Friday morning before we headed to Wisconsin and Josh agreed to run then too.  Unfortunately, Josh had a 7am meeting that morning and requested we start at 3am.  That’s right, 3 AM!  And for once, it wasn’t ME who requested the crazy early start time! (although, for the record, I have NEVER requested or even thought about starting that early! Whew!)  The run itself actually went really well for me.  I felt great.  I was hydrated and fueled properly.  I was slow, given my emotional state, but I felt great.  I was on such a high afterwards, I couldn’t even come down enough to nap before we got on the road.  That night, when I saw my cousin and the first thing Tawnie did was tell her I got up at 2:15am to run, she immediately gasped and scolded “What the HELL is the matter with you??!!!”  I laughed and relayed this to my mom, who only repeated it and said she had the exact same question, “what the hell IS the matter with me??!!”

This long run was proceeded by a pace run on Thursday morning.  Again, due to Josh’s work schedule, it was an incredibly early morning, with a 4am start time.  Needless to say, we were not chatty when we met for the run, nor did we chat during the run.  I was grumpy.  What could make a grumpy runner despise the run any more?  Let’s add in about a 1/2 mile of sprinklers pelting us as we tried to keep pace.

Last week Josh was traveling for work- he headed down to Brazil for a week before I flew down to meet him for vacation.  I watched his dog, Kate, and since she is used to running and Josh graciously takes Bisou with him and Kate when he watches her, I felt it was only fair.  I did not know what I was getting myself into.  I could barely contain both dogs as I unloaded them from the back of my car and walked them to meet my friends Dre and Andrea.  They were excited to see both dogs and Dre graciously offered to run with one of them.  Knowing Bisou is really good and calm on the leash, I gave her to Dre.  Remember, my dog is extremely codependent.  Between making sure I was still right by her side and racing Kate to be the first in line, Dre got a workout in!  Me? I got an upper body workout in that I wasn’t expecting, pulling Kate back as she spied and lurched to hunt the little critters out and about.  We seemed to have finally found our “groove” about 3 miles in when Kate stopped all of a sudden as I lurched forward from the unexpected stop.  She was pooping.  Right smack in the middle of the concrete trail.  Flustered, I covered my mouth and just laughed.  I had no idea what to do.  Bisou is trained not to and never poops during a run.  I guess Kate just had to go!  Andrea, quick on her feet, told me to grab some leaves or something since I didn’t have a bag with me.  I plucked some great big leaves off of a plant and scraped the pooh off to the side of the trail.  Runners should thank me for saving their shoes ;).


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