Track Tuesday + Medicine Head

It’s track Tuesday!  I’m not going to whine, but I did get hit with a sinus infection on our last full day in Brazil.  I went to the doctor yesterday and got some antibiotics and began taking pseudoephedrine.  Here’s the thing about pseudoephedrine, it makes me pretty light-headed and out of it.  Yesterday, I had a great run hopped up on coffee and pse.  I got a decent sleep last night and awoke with a congested head, snotty, running nose, and sore throat.  Nonetheless, Josh was meeting me and we were going to the track for our 800’s.  I popped some pse and ate half a banana and headed out the door.

After our mile warm up, we started out on our first 800 around the track.  Not 200 into it, I thought I was going to choke on a ball of snot in the back of my throat.  I did not.  I finished, and I was breathing like I had just sprinted at max speed.  Not being able to breathe out of my nose was making the workout a little more difficult.   Lap 2 was better.  I thought for sure the worst was behind me and we set out on #3.  Lap 3 was something awful again.  I think it was about this point that Josh said he was “glad I am so comfortable spitting in front of him.”  Yeah, I was not quite the picturesque fiance this morning.  There was no choice.  Spit or choke on snot and phlegm.  Or stop running.  I chose to spit.

We completed lap 4.  It wasn’t our best day at the track.  Before vacation, we were hitting our laps faster than goal pace.  This morning, we were either hitting our pace or a second behind.  I didn’t hide my disappointment.  Josh said he thought we were doing great!  We were on pace and I was sick.  I was quick to respond that being sick was not an excuse for being slower.  Josh looked at my incredulously and stated he bet “I was also someone who thought 90 degree weather wasn’t an excuse to run slower either.”  I retorted it was not an excuse on speed work days, it could be 90 degrees on race day!  He retorted I’d never make it to race day if I exhausted myself before then.  Point taken.  Score 1 for Josh.

In the middle of lap 5 the pse hit me.  I started to feel dizzy.  And dry-mouthed.  After we finished, I walked to the drinking fountain.  Only, I couldn’t get enough water because my nose was plugged up and drinking water from a fountain meant I couldn’t breathe at all.

We finished laps 6 and 7.  As we started off on our cool down, my head felt like it was bouncing above me with each step, like a balloon.  My eyesight was slightly blurry and my head was bobbing around, like a bobble head.  The blurry eyesight corrected itself immediately after I stopped running, unfortunately, the bobble head feeling has stuck with me all day.  Alas, I am ready to snuggle in for the night! I know Bisou will be enjoying the extra snuggle time- the silly girl actually growled at Josh when we got back on Sunday night when he tried to move her over and sit next to me.



2 thoughts on “Track Tuesday + Medicine Head

  1. I love this comment, “I thought I was going to choke on a ball of snot in the back of my throat. ” That made me laugh. I hope you got a good night’s sleep and are feeling better.


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