Tutus and Tattoos


This morning my niece and I headed to the start line of the Color Me Rad 5K garbed in tutus and tattoos!  I have to say, this race by far exceeded my expectations!


Here we are doing a “chest bump” getting pumped up pre-race!   My niece was excited and we lined up near the front of the start line, dancing and bouncing to the music as we waited for the official start.  As the race started, we kept a good pace staying near the starting vehicle as it blasted purple color bombs into the crowd.  I love running color runs with my niece because the anticipation of seeing what color we will be bombed with next keeps her interested and motivated to keep on running.  Our ever faithful cheering section kept us moving too!


This race incorporated the corn starch powder and liquid blasts of color, which made it a lot of fun and saved my mouth and nose… just a little bit!  We were covered in color as we reached the finish line!


Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 5.37.07 PM

Afterwards, these two colored cool chicks were treated to breakfast at the Drake Diner- which was a perfect supplement to my carb loading for my 18 mile long run tomorrow morning.  Cheers to a great day, sharing my passion for running with my family! 🙂



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